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Welcome Friends!

We would like to welcome you to Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies’ Blog (or the Big Dee’s Blog for those of you who prefer not to be long-winded)! Since all of us love horses just as much as you do, we CANNOT wait to share all of our knowledge, thoughts and experiences with you! From employee bios to insights from your favorite trainers to sneak peeks at the latest products, this blog is sure to be exciting for any and every horse enthusiast – Saddle up and get ready for a great ride!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies’ Blog”

  1. What blanket do you recommend for winters in ND. The horse will be out for some turnout during the days and kept inside with a blanket on otherwise. Our winters can be very cold. He is a show horse

    1. Hi there and thank you for your question!
      We have a couple different options. The first one is our heaviest weight and denier turnout, http://www.bigdweb.com/2520D-Heavyweight-High-NeckTurnout-Blanket/productinfo/2520G/ This 2520D Heavyweight High Neck Turnout Rug would be ideal for cold to bitter cold turnout days, especially if the horse is body-clipped, or if you are trying to minimize how thick the horse’s winter coat comes in for show purposes. This blanket is tough, durable, breathable, and waterproof! Can be worn all day/night, but with the insulation, it is advised to replace the blanket with a different blanket if stalled indoors in a well insulated building. The second option has a built in neck cover. Our 1200D High Neck Turnout http://www.bigdweb.com/1200D-Heavyweight-High-Neck-Turnout-Blanket/productinfo/BLS1519/ is a great option for the show horse that is completely body-clipped or has a light to moderate winter coat and needs to have full coverage to protect from cold to bitter cold conditions while turned out. This blanket is waterproof and breathable.

      If you are looking to have just one blanket either of this blankets would be great for your ND Show Horse. If you decide you want to switch out blankets from a turnout to a stable blanket once your horse returns indoors from their turnout time, take a look at these two options, first our which you can also get a matching detachable hood for full coverage, or second our . Both of these blankets are great indoor blankets, but they are NOT waterproof, so cannot be used as a turnout blanket.

      All of the suggest blankets above are for cold to bitter cold conditions and should only be used when conditions are below freezing otherwise your horse may overheat if worn on warmer days.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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