Big Dee’s 10,000 Fan Celebration

As we stare at the Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies’ timeline, it’s hard to not feel sentimental. Borrowing the famous phrase from Sally Field (And modifying it slightly), “You like us, you really like us!” We couldn’t feel more honored, more humbled or more excited! We pledge to show all of our fans, each and every week, just how much your support and patronage means to us. With that in mind, we have searched the prize cabinet and have come up with a great prize package for this week’s contest! With a value of over $400, this prize package has something for everyone. Here’s a peak at everything inside:

The Prize Package:

Jolly Pet’s Jumbo Jolly Lick

Jolly Pets does not disappoint with this innovative toy! The Jumbo Jolly Lick toy includes a spot for a Jolly Stall Snack for maximum fun! This horse toy, which helps reduce your horse’s boredom, is designed to attach to the your horse’s stall. Young and old alike, this toy and treat combo is perfect for horses of all ages! The plastic toy spins to keep your horse entertained while the Jolly Pets’ Jolly Stall Snack will keep your horse coming back for more! The Jolly Stall Snack isn’t included, but isn’t an expensive add on at only $4.50. With flavors such as apple, carrot, mint and molasses, you are sure to find a stall snack that your horse loves!

Centaura Fly Insect Repellent for Horse & Rider

This unique new equine fly spray by Farnam is great for both Horse & Rider! For your horse, it provides 12 hour effective protection from flies and mosquitoes. For you and your family, it provides 12 hour long lasting protection from mosquitoes and ticks. It also repels biting flies, stable flies, black flies, gnats, chiggers and sand flies for up to eight hours. As an extra bonus, it smells great and isn’t sticky! If this isn’t enough to convince you, check out the Centaura Fly Spray reviews or the video testimonial, which was done by Big Dee’s Operation’s Manager, Jessica Roslan!

Vision Focus & Calming Paste & Pellets by Vitaflex

If you’re looking for a calming supplement for your horse, then this new product by Vitaflex might be your answer. The Vision Focus & Calming supplement, which boasts of seven stress relieving active ingredients, won’t cause drowsiness. Speaking from my own experience, I used this Vision Focus and Calming Paste when moving my horse from her training stable to her winter stable. My mare was calm while traveling and adjusted quickly to her new surroundings. I was even able to ride her on her first trail ride. During the ride, she was attentive but not spooky. If you ask me, that is the perfect combination.

Succeed Digestive Oral Paste by Freedom Health LLC

Succeed Digestive Oral Paste is one of the best trade secrets in the business! From improved temperament to a better body condition, how you treat your horse’s insides definitely shows on the outside. This equine digestive product gives your horse everything he or she needs to succeed (Pun intended). These single serving pastes are great for shows, the track or starting your horse on the Succeed Digestive Conditioning Program. If you haven’t heard of the Succeed Digestive Conditioning Program for horses, please take a moment to read our more detailed description and watch the video. I think you’ll be impressed.

Next Level Performance Equine Joint Pellets by Farnam

Next Level Performance is a new equine joint supplement by Farnam. This pelleted equine joint supplement contains MicroLactin, a patented dried milk protein that helps manage inflammation caused by daily exercise and training. In addition to MicroLactin, it also contains Chondroitin, Glucosamine, Manganese, Vitamin C and Zinc.

Other Prizes:

In addition to the great prizes mentioned above, this package also includes a sample of Calxequin By Nutramax, which is a concentrated daily hoof supplement. A small sample of Pyranha fly spray, a $50.00 Big Dee’s gift card, some treats for your dog, a set of cordless trimmers from Oster and some great promo items from Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies! Phew, that was a mouthful. Now you can really see how there is something for everyone is this prize package.

Contest Rules:

The rules are easy… You just need to comment on this contest(Here on the blog), telling us why you are a fan of Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies and like the link to this contest on Facebook! Do you like our products? Is it our fast shipping? Or, maybe it’s our knowledgeable CSR’s? Whatever it is, we want to know!

On 09/06/12 at 8:00 AM, we’ll pick one random winner to win the ENTIRE PRIZE PACKAGE!

No Purchase Necessary. Random Winner chosen on 09/06/12 at 8:00 AM. Must have a valid US Address to participate.

123 thoughts on “Big Dee’s 10,000 Fan Celebration”

  1. I love Big Dee’s. When cost comparasing you are always the cheaoest…and with the best selection!!!

  2. You guys are awesome! You have just about everything I could ever need, a great selection (especially supplements) and unbeatable service and prices. I also love that I can do pick up orders at the Delaware sales- great time and money saver!

  3. I love Big Dees! Super easy to deal with and very helpful helping me find stuff to fit my hard to fit big guy

  4. I love Big Dee’s because they have great products fast shipping and excellent people and yes great prices.

  5. We actually travel about an hour to get to Big Dee’s each time. We make the trip because it is by far the most well-stocked tack shop in the area! Great prices, friendly staff, and an incredible selection of products. I <3 Big Dee's. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Why am i a fan of Big D?? Thats EASY! Big D’s carrys the best selection of racing and training tack and hard to find items like hoof freeze, preformance support and trackside linement that i cant seem to find anywhere else. All at great prices too. if i need tack or stuff for the riding horses too they have a wonderful selection of that too. The customer service is outstanding and shipping is excellent. Big D ships orders out quickly and sometimes i am shocked by how fast the deliveries are. they know that when you order something its because you need it (and usually the item is needed “yesterday” lol) My horses and I LOVE Big D!!!!

  7. I am a fan because they are always reasonably priced and have a genuine love for the equestrian world.

  8. I love Big Dee becuase it is the ONLY one stop shopping for complete vet, barn and horse items that I have found since moving to CLE from Southern Califronia. My only complaint is that I come in for one item and always leave with 10!

  9. I shop at big dee’s because of the staff! They are friendly and knowledgeable. We are greeted like family by some of them we have been shopping with for years. They are always ready to help if we have questions.

  10. I have ordered from Big Dees for quite some time. I have seen how they listen to the people and expanded their selections to accommodate all aspects of the horse world. They are very helpful employees and go the extra mile to help customers. They have fast shipping and are one the spot if something ends up back ordered, they call to tell the customer and offer suggestions if the item is going to take a while. I recomend them it every horse person I know. Keep up the excellent customer care.

  11. I love Big Dees!! They offer super speedy delivery, great prices, and a wide selection. I also appreciate the sales they run and eagerly anticipate the sales flyer each season! Big Dees offers promo codes often too- which I almost always take advantage of- especially those with free shipping on FOB items!

  12. You guys have the best selection of items and you tend to be on the lower end of pricing. Which is one reason as to why I keep coming back. I purchased a Christmas gift from you all last year for my brother in law – who uses it everytime we ride and he still makes comments about what an awesome gift it is. And he’s hard to buy for so for that alone is another reason why Iove you guys!

  13. Because you always carry what I’m looking for! (And some things I didn’t know I needed :)) If I run into problems, customer support is wonderful to work with.

  14. I love Big Dees!!! The best prices. Fast shipping.I go when hey are in Ohio for Equie affair & QH congress

  15. I love big dee’s because it’s so huge and they have a great selection of equine needs. The prices are great too ๐Ÿ™‚ fortunately I live close enough to go to the warehouse store!! It would be move to see more draft size items though as my boy is 18h and it’s hard to find things to fit him.

  16. I love Big Dee’s! You not only carry the joint supplement that I use and my horses love (Acti-Flex 4000 in the powder version). But you have the best price also!

  17. There isn’t a better place as far as pricing, the variety of products, quality of products, customer service and the best part is the shipping (so fast and no extra charge most of the time because I always spend $70 haha). I tell everyone about Big Dee’s!!!

  18. I love Big Dee’s because you’re products are awesome and you even carry some things in stock that you just can’t find other places. Keep up the good work Big Dee’s!

  19. I luv Big D’s! For more years than I can count Big D’s was always a fav during my congress trips! Most recently I use Big D’s for all my equine needs due to the super fast shipping, great support staff, and quality products!

  20. I love big Dee’s!!!!!! They have everything I need from our dog to the horse . Show clothes for the kids and for me ! It is my one stop shop for everything ๐Ÿ™‚ we drive from an hour away just to come there.. No one can compare ๐Ÿ™‚ I love when they open the warehouse up .. They always have the best deals too and the staffs is always there to greet you and make sure you are finding what you are looking or even suggesting something for you that you may not of thought of. I always recommend them for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I love Big D’s. I find everything I need and the prices are unbeatable. Great customer service and super fast shipping. WAY TO GO!!

  22. I Love Big D’s! You have the products I want, for the prices I can afford, and your shipping is Super Fast! Can not recommend you enough!

  23. Everything about Big Dees is wonderful. Its a one stop shop for anything you might need, for dogs too! All the prices are amazing, you know your never over paying when you shop here. The customer service really sets Big Dees apart as well- I had called looking for a specific item I needed that day and the CSR told me they had only 1, but she would hold it for me. After I got off the phone she had called back because she said the spoke with one of the inventory people and they might NOT actually have it because there was an inventory issue. She had saw on my account I lived an hour away and didn’t want me to drive here only to get the bad news. She said she would call back as soon as they physically found the item. The CSR was extremely sorry and I told her it’s fine, and I was so pleased that she had called to let me know about the situation. They did end up having the item and I went got it later that day. Having employees that go above and beyond makes Big Dees stand above the rest!! Thank you Big Dees and all the staff!!!

  24. Just placed my first order a few weeks ago! Very, very pleased with everything. I will definitely be a return customer!

  25. Big dee’s has everthing for all your pet needs. I can always find a deal for my dog’s and horse when ever I am in the sore of on line or looking at the catalog. Prices are great and not over the top. Great place to shop tell all my friends all the time to check out Big Dee’s.

  26. I live near Dayton, and don’t have a tack shop near-by. Whenever I come to visit family, I always stop at Big Dee’s, because you have the best selection, best prices, and your staff is always friendly and knowledgeable!

  27. Big Dee’s always has what I want when I need it ! They have fast shipping ,everyone I have talked to is very helpful and they have the knowledge of the products if I have any questions ! I always recommend Big D’s to all my horsey friends ! Also GREAT prices to boot !!!!!

  28. I LOVE Big Dees! I can always count on finding what I need both online and in the store! Plus, I enjoy shopping for my horse. I am always on a budget and my horse, as many of them, has quite a few needs. She is on hoof supplements and joint supplements. I get all of my supplements at Big Dees and I also buy my show equipment, tack, and bathing/grooming products there. I love all of the promotional products that they have and special offers they have . My favorite thing would have to be the warehouse sales ๐Ÿ™‚ who doesn’t love those?! Not to mention the awesome staff and employees that you have! All of the employees of Big Dees are great an very helpful! What can I say, I love Big Dees!!!!!

    1. Hi Gabrielle! You are the winner! Make sure to email your information to me ( I will get everything mailed to you!

  29. Big Dee’s has products I cannot find anywhere else! I also appreciate their low prices, fast shipping, and reasonable FOB rates!!! When I need supplies, the Big Dee’s website is my first stop.

  30. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Dee’s!!!They carry a WONDERFUL SUPLY of PRODUCTS!! Their LOW prices are VERY MUCH APPERICIATED, with MANY items lower in cost then competitors!! Their Customer Service is OUTSTANDING!!!! VERY PLEASENT & HELPFUL. When ever I need ANY THING BIG Dee’s is my GO TO FIRST Company!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!! THANK YOU for being a much needed asset to in the world of owning horses!!!

  31. Customer service is always very pleasant and helpful when I call, items get shipped out on a timely matter and can’t forget about the pricing. A great company to deal with…

  32. I love Big D’s great prices and wide selection. This is the only place I buy all of my supplements. I always recommend Big D’s to my friends. Shipping is fast and reasonably priced as well.

    Thanks Big D’s!

  33. I love Big Dee’s,when they are at QH Congress,they always have the best deals,to get my horses dressed for winter,wonderful blanket sales:)))))at least 5 every year,so yes I really need the good deals.

  34. We love big dee’s it’s the only place that has contesting tack. We drive an hour to shop at the store.

  35. I love Big D’s because they have quality products at reasonable prices, and I’ve never had a problem with customer service, returns, shipping, payments, anything! I love the variety of tack and Big D’s is always one of my first places to check when I need something.

  36. Why do I love Big Dee’s…….simple I love their great prices (their sale sale prices are unbeatable) and Amazing customer service. Enough said ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I can find great products at reasonable prices at Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies! And, I just saved a friend money by referring them!

  38. Big Dee’s does a great job with social media. They always have the products I need. Shipping is fast, and their customer service reps are wonderful!

  39. Big Dee’s is wonderful. You have so may products available. It is rare that I can’t find something we are looking for. Customer service is helpful and friendly. Even if I need to return something because of my mistake in ordering a wrong product!

  40. I love Big Dee’s tack and vet supply because they carry everything I need at the best value around! Mostly everything you find on their online store is also carried in their warehouse! Best tack store around!

  41. I’ve been shopping at Big Dee’s for over 10 years now and have always had a positive experience, whether shopping online or in the store. They carry an excellent selection of items at reasonable prices…it’s always my first choice for horse items! Plus the staff is always friendly and helpful!

  42. Big Dee’s has a great selection and always ship fast. I love it! The customer service reps are always kind and knowledgeable and always make it easy to ask a question.

  43. I love Big Dee’s because of your huge selection and competitive prices! You guys are also the only tack store around where I could find Muck Itch, which worked miraculously for my horse’s rain rot!

  44. Its very easy to say why i am a fan of Big Dee’s, i’ve shopped from them, and they have the best prices and by far the biggest selection of items! Whenenver people tell me they can’t find a specific item, i tell them to go to Big Dee’s because they WILL have it! And i’m always right! They also have great customer service! Not long ago i had a question, i messaged them thru FB, and got a very quick and courteous reply. I love Big Dee’s!

  45. I Always order our joint supplements from Big Dee’s because they are the cheapest and they fill our order fast! My horse has to have Fluidflex and without it she can hardly walk, so in a way, Big Dee’s is my life saver. Thanks Big Dee’s!

  46. Love Big D’s. Just got an order 2 weeks ago and new flyer came out so am expecting delivery of another order for 453.00. Can’t lose with their prices!

  47. I love Big Dee’s! You have the best prices and are AWESOME about getting us stuff WHEN we need it and are always up front when your out of somethine (which is rarely) and you have the BEST stuff for the horses!! You’ve helped me keep my horses sounder and healthier for years ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Big Dee’s always has great prices, fast shipping, and fantastic customer service. They never hesitate to make sure the customer is a happy camper, er, rider. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. My mom has ordered from Dees from the time that I had my first pony, throughout my school years. Now that I am grown and gone, her opinion about where to get the best supplies for my money (and my time), matters a great deal! She suggested the quick stop bridle for my new horse, and Dees was the only place I could find that wasn’t pushing $100 mark! Even then with their customer service, I would gladly pay extra!!

  50. Since discovering Big Dee’s I have never worried about not being able to get what I need. They have a wide variety of products and super helpful staff that are kind and willing to point you in the right direction. Thanks for all you do!

  51. Love Big Dee’s quick shipping, low prices, great selection. It is one stop shopping without ever having to leave the house.

  52. Big Dee’s has EVERYTHING you are looking for or need and the prices are great. People are also helpful and friendly in helping you find the items you are looking for! Website is also great if you can’t get to the store! Recommend to all friends!

  53. I love that the staff members are very knowledgeable and so willing to help the customers. Also, the product selection is all-encompassing with very competitive prices. Your presence at the Congress is also fantastic!!

  54. Love, love, love Big Dee’s. We spent 2 hours looking at everything and buying lots of new items the first time we went to your store. The employees were very friendly and helpful. Since then, my family has spent hours shopping online. Can not say enough nice things about Big Dee’s!!!

  55. My whole family and I love big Dee’s! It always has the products we need and for good deals and prices. All Of the products we buy here are amazing! I bought some English tack a couple of years ago and it’s barely worn down and it still looks brand new! We love big dees

  56. I love Big Dee’s not only because of their awesome prices but also their HUGE selection!!! Always my number one choice above all tack stores. Keep up the good work, you’ll always have my business!

  57. I’m a fan of Big Dee’s – they have great prices and run super promotions & contests!

  58. For years now I have kept coming back to Big Dee’s for all my horse needs. The shipping is super fast and the prices can’t be beat!

  59. Big Dee’s selection and cost are on par with the best out there! I’ve always received excellent service and I know that my horse is going to be served well by everything I buy there. Thanks!

  60. I have always loved the great customer service at Big Dee’s. That combined with wonderful price points makes it my preferred store for all things health related for my horse. I only wish there were one closer to me to shop!

  61. Moon Dance Ranch I found Big Dee’s after I googled for a product “Acti-Flex 4000 that was difficult to find at the feed stores and I spoke to a CSR who was absolutely wonderful and shared some fantastic information and advice for our rescue horse who has a pre-existing arthritic leg injury. I am sold on this wonderful company with super great prices and offers. I ordered 4 catalogues to share with some of my horsie lov’n friends and we are now fans !!!!! Thank you so much !!!

  62. I love Big Dee’s because when my old Morgan needed a joint supplement they had the best prices and the best selection.

  63. I bought the Acti-Flex 4000 as was thrilled with the price and special offer. I was assisted by a very knowledgable CSR with other product questions and received fantastic advice along with a few laughs. I am now a dedicated patron who is just now getting together another order to place today. Thank your for wonderful products and great prices !!!!

  64. Moon Dance Ranch I found Big Dee’s after I googled for a product “Acti-Flex 4000 that was difficult to find at the feed stores and I spoke to a CSR who was absolutely wonderful and shared some fantastic information and advice for our rescue horse who has a …pre-existing arthritic leg injury. I am sold on this wonderful company with super great prices and offers. I ordered 4 catalogues to share with some of my horsie lov’n friends and we are now fans !!!!! Thank you so much !!!

  65. I found Big Dee’s after I googled for a product “Acti-Flex 4000 that was difficult to find at the feed stores and I spoke to a CSR who was absolutely wonderful and shared some fantastic information and advice for our rescue horse who has a …pre-existing arthritic leg injury. I am sold on this wonderful company with super great prices and offers. I ordered 4 catalogues to share with some of my horsie lov’n friends and we are now fans !!!!! Thank you so much !!!

  66. Big Dee’s has such a variety of items that you can’t see everything with one visit. As a former employee of Shepler’s Western Wear, I enjoy shopping here.

  67. In my area, the closest tack ship is at least an hour drive away. With Big Dee’s I can get almost anything delivered the next day. This saves me a lot of time and money driving around and possible not finding what I’m looking for. Also, the CSR’s are very knowledgeable about the products. Often if I cannot find something on the web site, they can find in the store. Also, they don’t just read a script but have working knowledge of the products and will go and get it off the shelf, if need be, in order to answer any questions I may have. Thank you. Keep up the good work!

  68. I like the selection & love to look at all the items. I can always find my favorite boots there.

  69. Big Dee’s has great prices and a great selection of items to choose from! Purchase all of our horse blankets from them.

  70. I love those price, way cheaper from here in canada.I order stuff to last me at least a month at the time.:)) :))

  71. Big Dee’s shipping prices are great for me when I order my Vaccines. Shipping is only $6.50. I can’t drive there and back for that price.

  72. Love Big Dee’s and the amazing staff. Everyone is so helpful. I walk in I get a hello by my first name! Ialso like that my purchases earn rewards for our Club. Not only do I find everything I need, our club also gets a little help.

  73. Big Dee”s is a life saver, your prices are great , fast shipping and local. Being semi retired to win this prize package of so many things that I use, would be a God send.

  74. When you need equipment, supplements, sheets and blankets, or leg tighteners, etc. or even a jolly ball, there is only one place to go when ordering on line, BIG DEE’S !!! The customer service is second to none and the selection of products for horses is quite amazing. If they don’t have what you are looking for, you probably don’t need it. lol The shipping is fast and the prices are great. What more could you ask for in a company. Thanks for having such a wonderful web site!

  75. I love Big Dee’s because they have everything I need at great prices! I love that they are only a 30 minute drive from me too! Plus sometimes you get free items at the checkout! Great place!

  76. I love the selection at Big Dee’s. More choices in show clothes, great selection of Breyers. When I mail ordered some shoes they arived very quickly. Thanks for being a great store to shop at!!

  77. Big Dee’s is different than most tack shops!! They have the best variety for whatever your looking for. Whether its horseracing or western pleasure, Big Dee’s has something for every aspect for horses! There fast shipping seems like your products arrive the within two business days even when you have selected standard shipping. Shop Big Dee’s you”ll be glad you did!!

  78. Big Dee’s has a great selection of equipment and their employees are very knowledgable about what they are selling you. The pick quick service and the pick-up at the Delaware sale is great.

  79. I appreciate your wide selection, especially that along with more typical horse products you have racing equipment/supplies on your website. I’m not in the racing industry but have learned a great deal of “tracker” wisdom, and love that I can get hard to find but very useful items through you; Sealtex and Beta tack to name just two.

  80. Big Dees took me from knowing nothing about horses to feeling like there is nothing that I can’t handle when it comes to my special mare. You have clothed us, fed us, groomed us, and made our home special. Thank you so very much!

  81. I love Bid Dee’s! Just got a package from them today! Great prices, and love the shipping! Fantastic selection on stuff. Hope one day to make it to the physical store, until then, Big Dee’s web shopping for me!

  82. I love Big Dee’s Tack because they have a wide variety of quality items at some of the best prices around. And if I ever need anything and they don’t have it, they try and find it for me. And if I have a question, they can always find somebody to help me get the answers. Plus locally owned!

  83. I like big dee’s so much because it’s nice and close. They have everything I could ever need and it’s the only store I buy any of the stuff for my quarter horse and standardbreds. The workers are also willing to help you with everything that you need whenever you walk in. It’s really nice on having the dog house so not only can I spoil my horses, I can spoil my dog too. It’s nice having a locally owned tack store to buy stuff from.

  84. I love Big Dee’s because the first english apparel I bought was the starter package, and still have the entire set. Ever since, I have stuck with big dee’s!

  85. I have found that Big Dee’s is not only econcomical but also helpful in their articles and emails. I do not have an equine store nearby and found that with their prompt delivery I usually receive my items in two days or less. Even at their dicounted prices they do not sacrifice quality in the items that they sell. Also with their wide variety they have made it a one stop shop for driving, english and western supplies along with a wide variety of first aid, medications and stable supplies. I also enjoy their periodic emails about items on clearance. Thank you and I hope that you will be around for a long time. I am hoping some day to visit your store location.

  86. Great selection, great prices and efficient service….what more could we ask for? Oh,…..and fast shipping. Big Dee’s has never let me down :).

  87. After I saw your set up at equine affaire in Columbus, I love looking on your website. You sell everything from western to English and then driving and racing supplies! There aren’t many who can compete with your selection, and then when you check the prices, you’re automatically number 1. Though I haven’t had the money to purchase much, everytime I look, your prices are by far the lowest I can find. And with the deals I get through email, everything you sell is like a steal compared to your competitors! When I do need something, it will for sure come from your website!

  88. I love that Big Dee’s has both English and Western tack, not to mention the low prices and deals. The shipping is amazing and the best I’ve seen.

  89. Big dees is the best! Prices are extremely reasonable…shipping is super fast and I have been thrilled with wvwry package received. Big dees is a discount delight1

  90. I always shop Big Dee’s at Equine Affair and Congress because of their great prices!! I tell all of my horse friends that Big Dee’s has the best prices on all horse supplies!! Very friendly and helpful staff also!!

  91. I love Big Dee because I find things for my big horses, drafts of course. Love the halters and always find supplements and info, Thanks!

  92. Just learned about Big Dees from the stable I work at. I am spending sometime looking though the online catalog ( unfortunately we do not have a Big Dees store), seems like the prices are good and lots to choose from. The descriptions of the products are excellent. I am sure to be ordering soon.

  93. Just made my first Big Dee’s order. Was tickled to find what I was looking for cheaper than other companies. Will definitely be a regular customer. Will be spreading the word. Thanks so much!

  94. Just placed my first order with Big Dee’s. I was super excited to find a particular item that I had been searching for. It’s great to find a place with such a big array of supplies.

  95. Love Big Dee’s!! Have shopped with them for years…Love the prices, the fast service, large variety and they always have a smile and a helping hand when I see them at the sales!! They are the greatest!!!!

  96. Great selection….FAST service. Brand new customer.. Thoroughly impressed with the phone call to customer service and the merchandise did not disappoint me. THANK YOU!!! LOVE Big Dees!!!

  97. I love Big Dee’s! Best prices out there and fast, free shipping. Great selection of good quality products also.

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