Big Dee’s is Helping You Beat the Bugs!

The unfortunate consequence of owning a horse…FLIES (Ticks, gnats, or any other creepy crawly that comes with summer)! Here at Big Dee’s we’ve been thinking of ways to help you enjoy the summer season without the bugs, which is why we developed the Big Dee’s “Beat the Bugs Contest.”

The Prize Package:

This prize package, which is valued at over $85.00 includes some of our favorite products, more specifically, the package contains two cans of Centuara Fly Spray for Horse & Rider by Farnam, one Trap ‘N Toss Fly Trap also by Farnam, one Fly Mask by Horse Sense, and a a set of Insect Repellent Tack Bands by Fly Armor. Why did we choose these products? Let me tell you a little more about these great items.

Centaura Fly Spray for Hose & Rider by Farnam

This unique new product by Farnam is great for both Horse & Rider! For your horse, it provides 12 hour effective protection from flies and mosquitoes. For you and your family, it provides 12 hour long lasting protection from mosquitoes and ticks. It also repels biting flies, stable flies, black flies, gnats, chiggers and sand flies for up to eight hours. As an extra bonus, it smells great and isn’t sticky! If this isn’t enough to convince you, check out the Centaura Fly Spray reviews or the video testimonial, which was done by Big Dee’s Operations’s Manager, Jessica Roslan!

Trap ‘N Toss by Farnam

This handy, disposable Trap ‘N Toss fly trap by Farnam can be hung up or set down wherever flies are most active. It attracts and kills over 10,000 flies without insecticides. The special attractant contains multiple feeding stimulants plus a fly sex attractant, which is sure to grab any fly’s attention. It’s also safe for use around children, pets or livestock! Best of all, it’s easy to use – just squeeze in attractant and add water. No messy jars to clean. The Trap ‘N Toss by Farnam is both an effective and an inexpensive way to control flies around the stable area.

Fly Mask by Horse Sense

Summer is upon us and fly season is in full force.This Fly Mask by Horse Sense will help both you and your horse beat the bugs this season. The durable netting not only protects your horses eyes, but is also easy to wash. The comfort cotton trim will make your horse both calm and cool during these hot summer months. At $9.99, this fly mask’s price is hard to beat.

Tack Bands Insect Repellent by Fly Armor

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past several months, then you’ve heard of Fly Armor! The insect repellent tack bands provide an invisible shield of tranquility against flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ticks and no-see-ums for approximately four weeks, depending upon weather conditions. The hotter it is, the better these bands work. The unique component of a Fly Armorโ„ข band is the scented, eco-friendly replacement insert. Fly Armor inserts protect your animal from bothersome flying insects. I would encourage all of you to view the video describing the Fly Armor Tack Bands. Fly Armor also provides video testimonials, which are quite compelling! In our humble opinion this product it well on its way to becoming a barn staple!

Contest Rules:

The rules are easy… You just need to comment on this contest, telling us which of these products you are most anxious to choose! On 7//27/12 at 8:00 AM, we’ll pick one random winner to win the ENTIRE PRIZE PACKAGE!

No Purchase Necessary. Random Winner chosen on 7/27/12 at 8:00 AM. Must have a valid US Address to participate.

Products mentioned in this article:Centaura Insect Repellent for Horse & Rider, Fly Armor Tack Bands, Trap ‘N Toss and Fly Mask by Horse Sense.

208 thoughts on “Big Dee’s is Helping You Beat the Bugs!”

    1. Never seen the fly tack bands before and I’d be excited to try those….currently use everything else, but face flies still are a problem. Looks like this might work! Can’t live here without a fly mask esp due to wind/dust and sun in the southwest. Use fly mask for more than flies; as eye protection like sunglasses.

  1. I am most excited about the fly mask! We have 8 horses and someone is always loosing or ripping one! We go through them fast around here!
    I am also excited about the fly tack bands and the trap n toss! The flies here are awful. My neighbors have a ton of cows and they bring in 100x more flies!
    I have used fly predators, strips, traps…everything! So I love trying out new products to keep my horses comfortable and safe. Thanks!

  2. I’m interested in trying the centura fly spray. I’m always looking to find the most effective brand.

  3. I am itching to try the fly armor tack bands!!! The flys are terrible on the trails we ride on and I would love to give my horse a little relief with these tack bands!!! I don’t know who would love them more ! Me or my horse!? : )

  4. I am most excited to try the Trap N’ Toss. I am pregnant and try to avoid insecticides, but HATE flies!

    1. They work really well at catching flies, but you need to keep them filled with water once the flies get over the level, but I haven’t figured out how to do that without making a huge mess!

  5. I use a feed through garlic to help my horse, but he still needs a fly sheet and mask for his sensitive skin. He is a Hodini when it comes to fly masks, so this is mask looks like it might stay on for a change! And the fly spray will be great to try out. The tack strip for riding looks really interesting = that is probably the one product I’m looking forward to the most! I use the fly traps and they work a treat!

  6. I love the Trap โ€˜N Toss it work great in the barns catching flies. I want to try the Tack Bands Insect Repellent. The last time I went riding my horse and I got ate up by deer flies.

  7. I’m super excited about the fly spray for horse and rider. Some days the flieds are so bad I don’t know how either of us (me and my horse) don’t spontaneously combust from the frustration of being pelted with flies. One things for sure, I always wear a ponytail to help swat the flies from my face. Sometimes its the little lessons our horses teach us that are the most important. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I am most excited about the Fly Armor tack strips. My horse has seasonal allergies & very weepy eyes. Of course, the flies just zero in on that. He is not fond of fly masks & shreds them almost as soon as I get them on. The Fly Armor looks like it might be the answer to our problem.

  9. I mix my own fly spray of lestoil and water. It scares me to use all of the over the counter stuff. Really wish we could find something safer for the horses!!!

  10. I am always looking for new ways to get rid of the flies when riding and for the horses when they are just out in the fields relaxing.

    I’m really wanting to try out the tack strips to use while riding. Those nasty deer flies are horrid and thy bite like alligators.

  11. I am looking forward to trying the Centaura fly spray but I am going to use on my horse and myself not my hose, that thing is on it’s own… Ha ha Good luck all

    1. I would love to try the new fly spray!! The bugs are so bad this year it makes riding difficult!

  12. I would like to try the Centaura Fly spray for horse and ride. I would like to used it. Because I got threw fly spray like crazy. And I have never used this brand before. I also would like to see how it works with the rider too. The area that my horses and I ride ahve alot of ticks and deer flys.

  13. Im really excited to try the tack bands insect repellent by fly armor!! I would love to see if these ones actually work unlike other ones that are supposed to but dont really have an effect!!!But of course i wouldnt mind choosing any of the other products either lol!!

  14. I would like to try the fly armour bands as we used some of the other fly armour products and they great!

  15. Would love a new flymask for my TB mare and the Centaura Fly Spray for Hose & Rider by Farnam. After all, it’s nice to be able to go for a trail ride and not have to worry about getting attacked by bugs. Happy Trails everyone!

  16. I am the most interested i the tack bands. Always interested in trying new things especially if it means I am not drenching my horse in the fly spray or suiting them up in fly masks and sheets just to go on a trail ride.

  17. Am in dire need of more fly spray, with the drought doing on I think the deer flys have quadrupled in an effort to stay hydrated!

  18. The green heads are terrible! I have been wanting to try the Fly armor. I have heard great things about this product. The fly mask is also a must. Never can have too many of those.
    Thanks for the contest!

  19. To be honest, as long as it gets rid of at least *some* bugs I’d be satisfied with any product! The flies are getting past the point of ridiculous at our barn.

  20. I want to try the tack bands…feel like I have tried everything but the flies are always eating up our pony!

  21. I want to try the tack bands by Fly Armor.I am always excited about a new product/ idea!

  22. I am most interested in the Centaura Fly Spray. It seems this year the flies are becoming “immune” to a spray after several uses. I am looking to try something new.

  23. I’d love to try the Centaura Fly Spray for Horse & Rider. How awesome to have one product that keeps both horse and rider fly free!

  24. I would love to try the tack bands and the fly spray! Flies are terrible this year!!!

  25. Love the Trap n Toss! Would love to try the Centaura fly spray – I find it is good to rotate types of repellants.

  26. I would love to have all the products, but I’m most excited about the tack strips! Will try anything to keep those pesty biting flies off my horse on the trails!

  27. I’m most interested in the centaura fly spray, i’m interested in trying all of the long lasting fly sprays hoping to find the best of the best!

  28. I want to try the Centuara spray because how great would it be to spray yourself while you’re spraying your horse without worrying about dangerous chemicals. I hate Deet and am thrilled that there is something to compete with that hardcore stuff!

  29. I want to try the Centaura fly spray. I have heard great things about it but still have a bunch of fly spray left in my barn so I havent had a chance to try it yet!

  30. I would love to try some of the fly armor bands! The flies this year are really tough to repel so I thought I might try a different tactic!

  31. I am looking most forward to the fly spray for horse and rider by Farnam because the flies are nasty qhere I live.

  32. I’d be most interested to try the Fly Armor. I trail ride year-round, and fly sprays are only effective as long as they don’t get sweated off. Or, if we get caught in a rainstorm, they wash right off. The Fly Armor looks like it might be the perfect solution!

  33. I’d be most interested in the Tack Bands Insect Repellent by Fly Armor. I would love to use them when I am training my colt. It would help make his training sessions so much easier since he is wearing tack anyway. Looks like a great solution to the fly problem.

  34. I would love to try the fly armor bands. The bugs always are worse on the trails, but everything would be awesome to try!!!

  35. I would love to get the fly armor tack strips and try them out. My QH hates the flies!!!

  36. I like the Fly Armor Tack Bands. There is nothing so frustrating as trying to school a horse and loosing the horses attention because the flies are so bad they are threatening to carry the horse away. We get horse fries here that are the size of small helicopters. Watch out if one lands on your horse’s croup while you are riding.

  37. I would like to see and hear how the trap and toss is working for everyone.

  38. I would love to try Fly Armor Tack Bands! I was checking them out at your store last week and they look like a great idea. Would love to find a product that the flies don’t eat! Thank you Big Dees for great products and chances to win them…I <3 Big Dees!

  39. All of these are excellent products!! We are battling the flies here in SC and fly spray, masks, traps… I’m using them all!! Haven’t tride the Fly Armor yet but it looks like an excellent product as well!

  40. I would be so excited to get the new tack band! What a great idea and without the mess. This is perfect, sweating isn’t an issue and the more you’re riding the better it will work and we all know how being hot and sweaty just seems to give the “open for business” sign for gnats and flies! Can’t wait to try this product!

  41. I’m intrigued by the feedback from friends about the Fly Armour. I’d really like to try it on my horses, especially when out for a trail ride. All the products would be a great compliment to a fly control program, and we all definitely need to up the ante when combatting flies this year. This year is the first year my 17 year old Arabian has succumbed to fly bite allergies. He’s lost half his mane and looks awful. I need to do more to protect him!

  42. I am most excited about the fly armor! My horse’s skin is very sensitive so even when i use fly spray he still gets bumps and lumps and itchy spots from the fly spray so any thing i don’t have to spray on his skin is a winner!

  43. I would love to win the Fly Mask by Horse Sense. I like keeping a fly mask on my horse during the day.

  44. I would love to try the fly bands on my daughter’s horse. I have read a variety of articles on them, and they seem to do the trick. So far I have not been able to convince my daughter to let me purchase some, BUT if I win some I know she will use them. (I think she tells me no when I suggest buying them because I’m a single mom supporting her and her horse, and she feels bad about me spending money on the fly bands when she csn use fly spray.)

  45. My mare will stop in the middle of a show or dressage test to stomp or bite at a fly. I would love to try the armor bands since spray sweats off and the bands would blend with our tack.

  46. I’m most excited about the Centaura Fly Spray for Horse & Rider by Farnam and Fly Mask by Horse Sense. Both my horse and me are very sensitive to bugs and flies. If we are showing and one fly or bug gets on his face or mine it really disrupts our ride in the how pen. Even in his stall, i can see how irritated he gets with flies on his face. I hope I’m chosen to try these new products.

  47. With the dry, hot summer this season, the biting flies are horrendous. All of these products would be on my list to utilize in the battle to beat the bugs! Trap N Toss would be my first choice to help control the pests in our barns to assist in comfort of the horses while indoors. Thanks Big Dee’s for another opportunity to test the products out there for horse owners.

  48. I would like to try a new fly mask. I have a bald face black-n-white paint who is very sun sensitve with the pink skin around his eyes. His eyes water, that draws flies, that irritates even more, thus I have a horse who wears a fly mask all summer. He loves his fly mask and knows exactly what it is for and that it makes him feel better. He never rubs it off. I can hold it up and he will walk to me and duck his head so I can put it on him each morning. His have the fluffy fleece around the edges and that makes him sweat underneath. Yours is a different style and I would like to try one. Moon might find it more comfortable.
    Thanks for reading!

  49. I would be most excited about trying the Centuara Fly Spray. I have a pony who is severely allergic to the bugs. With the heat and humidity we’ve been having in WI, he cannot wear his fly sheet, fly neck wrap and boots, it’s just too hot. Finding something that actually fends off the flies would be amazing!

  50. Insect Repellent Tack Bands by Fly Armor… I have never tried them before and I love trying new things for my horses. And they look pretty cool too.

  51. Your fly masks are the best. My horses actually come to the fence when they see me and want their masks on. They love being fly free. One of my mares has beautifull blue eyes and they are sensitive to sunlight. Her fly mask keeps her eyes shaded and fly free. I use the Trap N Toss in my barn and flys are trapped, not buzzing around. I’m most interested in trying the Armor tack bands for trailriding. We love keeping our horses comfortable on the trails so they can enjoy the ride as much as we do.

  52. Trap โ€˜N Toss by Farnam, definatly had never heard of it but I think it is great to just toss it without gluing on some bird like “fly tape does”

  53. I would love to use the Centaura Fly Spray for Hose & Rider by Farnam. My mare hates bugs and they are so bad this year that I haven’t been able to take her out on any trails. She also came down with lymes disease this past spring and can use all the insect repellent help I can get. Going through the treatment and seeing her feel so bad was so sad to watch. I would love any help out there so she doesn’t become infected again!

  54. I would love to try the fly armor! My mare has terrible allergies to bugs, I’ve heard good things about it and would like this!

  55. I would love to try the insect repellant strips and the Centura fly spray. I have tried dozens of fly products and none of them work as well as the label says. My mare is a baby when it comes to biting flies and our barn seems to have a lot of green-headed flies so I am always looking for new fly products to try.

  56. I would love to try the Tack Bands Insect Repellent by Fly Armor. I have been seeing these all over facebook and advertising but I don’t know anyone that has actually tried them. Would love to know if they really work! Thanks Big Dee’s!

  57. Love their fly spray. Would love to try the other products. They are extremely bad this year due to all the wet weather this year.

  58. I’m most excited to try the Fly Armor Bands! The flies are terrible at our house & I’m constantly looking for the most efficient way to lower the numbers!

  59. I would really love to try the Fly Armor Bands. I’ve heard so much about them but haven’t used them yet. Flies are so troublesome and nothing seems to work well. Would love to see if they do the job!!!

  60. I am intrigued by the tack bands and would like to give them a try. It would be even better if there was some way to “save” them in-between rides so they would last longer. I wonder if one could take them off tack and maybe hang in the stalls (out of horse’s reach) in-between rides.

  61. I would love the fly spray so when I go out to the barn and start riding I can just put coat me and my horse in fly spray with the same stuff! I hate having to get special stuff (not for horses)to spray on me. I love the fly armor, have some for my OTTB and love it! Easy to attach and take off to keep the repellent lasting.

  62. I would like to try them all ! The horse flies land on my horses like torpedoes when they are jogging. I keep trying different sprays but the pests are immune to them it seems. lol It would be great to try the Centaura Fly Spay and see if it would help.

  63. I would be extremely interested in trying the Centaura fly spray. If I can use it on myself, the chemical make up of the spray can’t be too harsh. I hate to keep spraying my horses with chemicals that I don’t know what the effects can be. But, it’s a necessary evil when the flies are bad!

  64. Id love a chance to try Centaura Fly Spray ! Plus who wouldnt love all to have these products ths time of year!

  65. I recently got a horse that gets hives when he is bite by flies so trying to find something that works to keep flies away!! Would love to win this!

  66. I have tried the Fly Armor Bands and am not thrilled. The sticky back did not hold on either one. I’d like to try one of their other products to give it a fair shot.

  67. I would love the Horse Sense Fly Mask. You can never have too many fly masks. I’m always mending one, washing another, etc. Need a good one that fits, stays on, and doesn’t rip easily.

  68. I am MOST EXCITED about the Fly Mask by Horse Sense! My pony Peanut has COMPLETELY DESTROYED his fly mask (or his friend Tucker did, most likely!). It is hard to find a size to fit my Shetland, but he NEEDS a new fly mask. He is blind in one eye and can’t see when the dust flies toward him, so he doesn’t blink to avoid it landing in his eye. Plus, I hate to see flies land in the corners of horses’ eyes- DISGUSTING!!

  69. I would love to use the Fly Armor Tack Band for trail riding. Flies are abundant through the fields and on trails where we ride. I am sure our horses, Elvis and Winston would appreciate some more fly protection.

  70. I can’t wait to try the Fly Armor Tack Band for trail riding! We call the horse flies here B-52 bombers because they are so big and they buzz in and land on your horses rear! The horses will do anything to try and get them off! I’m also very interested in trying the Centaura Fly Spray. We need a fly spray that really works and doesn’t leave an oily residue on the horses! Thanks so much for the contest!

  71. I’m interested in the different varieties of the Fly Armor Tack Bands………we have a boy that the bugs just love……he neds some armor!!

  72. I can’t wait to try the new Tack bands by Fly Armor! What an amazing concept.

  73. Centaura Insect Repellent and FLY ARMOR TACK are new products to me. I would love to try them out!

  74. I’m Interested In Tryin The Fly Armor Tack Bands And Tha Centaura Fly Spray, We Have Tried Everything That Is Safe To Keep Tha Horse Flys Off Our Horses While We Ride And Us Too But Nothin Works, And Tha Flys Are So Bad This Year It Is Hard To Keep Them Away From Tha Barn And Tha Horses.Thanks For What All Y’all Do To Help Keep Tha Horses Free Of Pests…;-)

  75. I would love to try that fly spray. The stores here do not carry that brand. Flies are always bad down here in South Louisiana from April through September.

  76. I hate flies and I would like to win Centuara Fly Spray for Horse & Rider by Farnam,

  77. I am most excited to use the Tack Bands Insect Repellent by Fly Armor. I have my guy pretty armored up when we are not riding, but when we are riding I have nothing for him other than fly spray, which doesn’t always work after sweating! This would make his life so much nicer when being ridden (and mine too – a happy horse is a happy rider!)

  78. I am excited to try the new Fly Armor items. The helmet band for myself, and the nose band, brow band and tack band for my horse. Outfitted like this, my trusty steed and I will be ready to hit the trail….can’t wait.

  79. Centaura Fly spray really works!! Both Horse & Human worthy and not sticky.Super quiet,lasts a long time even thorugh Sweaty horses!!

  80. The tack bands and insect repellent sound amazing for riding! Those pesky flys are so hard to keep off my poor boy!

  81. Wanting to try the Fly Armor…reminds me of wearing the dryer sheets in my golf hat…

  82. Really want to try the tack bands! Great idea for horses that sweat bad while riding, won’t sweat off like sprays do sometimes. The trap and toss product is great! We’ve used them in the goat barn before and they certainly do their job!

  83. I would love to win this contest so I can give the Centaura horse and human fly spray a try, I’d love to find a spray that actually works for the times I can’t use the Fly Armor Bands (ex at a horse show). I also love the Fly Armor and would be thrilled to have more of it!

  84. Definitely the Centaura Fly Spray for Hose & Rider by Farnam!!! The last trail drive I took my miniature horse on, he was harassed by some nasty monsters, and I suffered for the next three weeks with chiggers in places you just can’t scratch in public!! ICK!!! Would love something that would save us both from trauma!!

  85. I would love to try the Fly Armor Bands. I’ve been seeing them advertised!
    We just moved our horses to some new property and we would love to keep the flies in check!

  86. I can not tell you how much I love the Centuara Fly Repellant. This is the only product I found that actually works for 12 hours. It is hot, dry and the flies are loving it. My Filly is happy and content when she is covered in the Centuara Spray.
    Love,Love, Love IT

  87. I want to try the Fly Armor Bands because, I’ve tried others and they worked but since the pesticide was exposed to the skin it irritated my horse. These look like they conceal the pesticide so that the skin is not directly exposed. Fly traps work, and so does the Centaura Fly Sprays. I can always use another fly mask. But the Armor Bands are the things that I want to try the most. Congratulations to whoever wins and please let us know how they work for you.

  88. I am interested in trying the trap and toss. I’ve used similar products in the past that are hard to dispose of the flies in those “reusable” traps.

  89. I am most excited to try the fly armor! I’ve been curious as to whether it works.

  90. I would love to try the Fly Armour Tack Bands! Seems like I am constantly inhaling chemicals because of fly sprays and misters.

  91. They would all be useful, and greatly appreciated by both my horse and me! He does need a fly mask, as he’s a thin-skinned TB, and the flies really make his eyes itch and water.

  92. I love Big Dee! What a great idea for a contest. I have been using Trap and Toss for years out around our outside paddocks. I don’t usually use fly masks because my horses are out in pasture and they tend to get dirt and weeds stuck in and under their masks. I have recently read several articles about Tack Banks by Fly Armor and are anxious to try them. As I indicated my horses are out in pasture so this would be a great way to protect them. I have forwarded information on Fly Armor to a friend who operates a small tack and feed store as she is always looking for more effective fly control.

  93. Just got our granddaughter a pony who is a super little old guy! ALL bugs really bug him tho, so I’m thinking the Fly Armour would be what we would love to try

  94. I would love to try the Centaura Fly Spray! I live if Florida in the Green Swamp so a great fly spray is a must!

  95. Most interested in the tack band. Ticks are terrible this year, if this product would help keep them off the horses when out on trail, maybe it will help keep them off the riders too.

  96. I would have to say the fly mask! She could use a new one! Not only does it protect from the flys..but also protects from sunburn!

  97. I am very interested in the tack bands. I even had a dream about them last night before I read about the Giveaway! I have a retired Standardbred race horse. He came to the USA from Australia and raced 12 yrs.. I trail ride home now and have even taken him on some short distance endurance rides. he tosses his head from the flys and can actually flip the reins over his head. The fly bands would realy help him and me when riding on
    east Tenn. mountain trails.

  98. Have used the Trap N Toss with great results, but would really like to try the Fly Armor Tack Band. I think it would be invaluable for trail riding.

  99. That Trap N’ Toss sounds interesting! I think it would really make a difference in the barn and partures! I’ll definitely be out soon to make that purchase!

  100. I would love to try these fly armor products, I have heard great things about them and the hrosefly season is hard upon us here in the midwest!

  101. I am anxious to try the fly spray. I haven’t found one yet that works, but I’m willing to try it. The flies are horrible and the ticks are almost as plentiful.

  102. I would have to say the flymasks or the spray. But this time of year ANYTHING and EVERYTHING would be awesome!!

  103. I am interested in trying the tack bands. I have tried the Fly Armor nose and head bands and have been very impressed.I might suggest that the head and nose bands at least, be made in sizes as they are large on our Arabians. Just moved to a “buggy” area of TN and the head and nose band seem to keep the horses happy on the trail.

  104. I am interested in the Fly Armor Tack Band. I think that would be really helpful to make my horse comfortable while out trail riding!

  105. This is a super contest. I’m interested in trying the Fly Armor Tack Band. It looks like a wonderful idea. As bad as the flys are this year I think it would have come in handy.

  106. I would love to try the tack band and the fly spray i go through fly spray like you wouldnt believe!

  107. I am interested in the Fly Armour Tack Band to see if they might help reduce eye irritation since they keep wanting to shed their masks.

  108. I am excited about the Centaura Insect Repellent for Horse & Rider. To try new products and very exciting!

  109. The Fly Armor Tack Band sure has my attention, particularly if it works over an extended period of time. During the nice days, the horses stay out and extended coverage would be wonderful.


  110. I would love to try the Fly Armor Tack Bands. I already use everything else. My horses are outside 24/7 so I have already become accustomed to fly spraying and putting up the traps around my property. I normally just use fly spray and the masks out on trail but would love to see how the tack bands work. It would definately save me some time.

  111. I would love to win this package, my mare is allergic to the midges tried everything out there! nothing seems to help, she wears a flymask and sheet still has no mane and rubbed her tail out!!

  112. I would love to try any and/or all of the fly armor products. If they work I think that would be a wonderful thing for all my horses and dogs.

  113. My horse needs a new fly mask–old ones have been repaired several times—she would “wear it well” & be stylish in a new one!

  114. The prize I think is the greatest of all is … ALL OF THE ABOVE. It just seems like this year the flies are the worst and we even use the fly predators. The Fly Armour does work pretty well – we use the ones that goes on the halters.

  115. I would be really excited to try the fly tack bands. It would eliminate the need to spray on a nearly daily basis or use a fly mask. Not to mention the releif from flies while riding. The convenience is obvious.

  116. I haven’t been living under a rock, but I have not heard of the Tack Bands. Would love to try them. They sound like something that I could really use. Thanks.

  117. I am definitely most anxious to try the tack bands!! We do a lot of trail riding on our farm even in lessons and if they work as well as they say thenthat it is just what we need!

  118. I am really anxious to try the fly tack bands!!! Trying to find a solution to avoid fly spraying the face – answer is obvious.

  119. I am very excited about the Fly Armor Tack Bands. I try to keep everything as natural as possible and have been mixing my own fly spray using essential oils. The testimonials about this product are very convincing. I would love to find a fly product that actually works and is not harmful to my horses or the environment.

  120. Due to the extra hot conditions we have been having, we have lots of flies, so we have been using lots of fly sprays. I would love to try the Centaur Fly Spray to see how it works. I have 9 horses and ponies and minis, so I go through lots of spray. Please consider my horses–they really could use some help with the flies. Thanks

  121. I would like to win the fly spray the most, but all of the products look great. I have three donkeys and two horses and I am always running out of spray. I would absolutely love to win this fantastic prize!

  122. I would like to see the Centaura fly spray in action – particularly with the big bombers out now!

  123. Of course, I am eager to try all of the products; but I am intrigued by the fly tack bands, and would like to test them out to see how they work. It’s hard to pick only one item out of all the great products in the prize package, though because they are all good!

  124. I love fly masks for my horse!!! She won’t go out side with out it on. She will stand by the door until I put it on!!

  125. Centaura Insect Repellent for Horse & Rider is an innovative product that is the greatest idea yet for dual protection of horse and rider. No longer will I have to be concerned about stocking up on two different products. One for my horse and one for me. The tick protection is definitely a big plus with the influx of Lyme disease in Ohio and neighboring states.

    Big Dee’s Tack & Vet Supplies strikes again offering the best quality products and personnel. I am quite fortunate to be able to visit the showroom on a regular basis. The products are always available and the staff assistance and knowledge is top notch. If you are ever in the area, make it a point to stop in and see what they have to offer.

  126. I would love to try the fly spray, I haven’t yet found anything that protects my horse. She wears a fly mask with ears but she is bitten everywhere else. The horse flies are so bad she bleeds and has huge welts.

  127. I am most anxious to try the tack bands by fly armour. Have been hearing alot about them lately. Very great prize. Would love to try out all the products.

  128. Love to try all the products but most importantly the fly bands. One of our horses has been breaking out in hives and we are leaning towards the fly spray. Would love to see if the fly band does the trick of keeping him fly and hive free.

  129. What an easy contest to enter and all prizes are usable! My kind of game…
    Did anyone notice all these entries are female names?

    Well, I’m seriously interested in this “Fly Armor Tack Band”. I will more than likely buy one whether I win or not. I need something to remain potent and kill or at least ward off flies while trailriding. The spray seems to wear of within an hour. Toting a spray bottle around while riding can be a nuisance, although it does make you popular in a trailriding group.

  130. Why is my comment “awaiting moderation”? If it is rejected, I’ll still try the Fly Armor Tack Bands. They sound like what I need.

  131. I am excited to have the Centaura Fly Spray…The dry summer has made the flies aggessive. โ™ฅ our horses and keeping them “bugfree” happy. :~)

  132. I would like to try the fly armor tack band. The horse flies are terrible this year that I don’t ride much because my horse bucks and bolts.

  133. I’ve been looking all over for the new product-Fly Armor! Our young horses tend to steal their buddie’s fly masks, and spraying them on a daily basis can get tedious, no matter what they say about lasting for up to 14 days, it DOESN’T! I am really anxious to get my hands on the new Fly Armor. The promise of a 4 week fly-repelling product sounds really tempting! Velcro it on, and cross my fingers!

  134. would like to try the trap as it doesnt have pesticides and the tack bands would be great too

  135. I’m interested in the Armor Fly Bands for our aged gelding as he seems to have senitive skin. Never tried anything like them so am intrigued to see how effective they are.

  136. The tack bands seem to be highly liked. My guess is my black Standardbred will too. Poor guy seems to be picked on the most because of his coat color. It is wonderful of you guys to give out these gifts! Thanks for the chance.

  137. I would love the entire basket, but I’m most excited about trying the Tack Bands Insect Repellent! My gelding hates the flies and my predators and fly spray (since the predators aren’t working) are doing nothing. The last time I tried to ride he was so upset with the flies that I couldn’t get any productive riding in. If this continues he’s going to be off till frost because it is just counterproductive to try to fight the flies!

  138. Would love to try the fly tack bands on my drafts harness, nasty flies thrive on spots those short tails can’t reach !

  139. I am interested in the Fly Armour tack bands. Sounds better than putting chemicals directly on the skin. The Trap and Toss works great. I use them all the time.

  140. I would love to try the Centura fly spray and see how well it works…we have terrible flies here in Virginia!

  141. I am anxious to try Centaura fly spray. I think it is so cool that Farnam developed a fly spray for both horses and humans. We have had such a hot/wet summer here in NC that the flies are terrible and no one around here sells Centaura. Thanks.

  142. I love the trap-in-toss! I have purchased at least 2 each year. And I can tell you, within a few days the flys start to gain attraction to this trap and the ball keeps rollin till all 10,000+ flys are goners and away from annoying our horses.

    I would love to try the fly armor tack as well. We have deer fly in the lower wetland areas of some of the roads I ride. If this product can make the ride better I’m all for new ideas!~

  143. Besides being a regular customer @ Big Dee’s, I love the idea of possibly winning their variety of products offered. I have a rescue mini mule and horses & of course am always looking for fly protection options. The little mini mule, Mr.Biggles, has a terrible fly allergy & this would be a big help to me to have the products and who doesn’t get tired of swatting/fighting flying BUGS!

  144. I am most anxious to try the fly armour bands to see how well they work. I have alsready used some of the other products listed and have been happy with the results, so having the entire package is a bonus!

  145. I luv the trap n toss…Have one on each side of my barn hallway and they work great!

  146. All of the products sound fantastic but, I think I am most excited about the Fly Armor because my horse hates wearing his fly mask while on trail rides. however the all of the products are great.

  147. I am very interested in the Fly Armor Tack Bands. I’ve tried it all but not these. Thanks for offering a contest, least I will check out my feed stores to see if they carry them now.

  148. I get the Horse Journal and just read an article about the Fly Armor fly tack tack bands. I would REALLY like to try them. If they are all they are supposed to be life would be a lot better for my horse! I already have the Centaura fly spray and it works well for both me and my horse. I would love to win all these products!!

  149. I’d love to try the Fly Armor Tack Bands, especially after teh Horse Journal review.

  150. I would love the centura fly sprays. my old horses have such a hard time getting the flies off themselves.

  151. I would be VERY anxious to try the fly armour tack band. I haven’t been able to ride all summer because of the flies. My boy gets frantic and I have tried to get him “accomstomed” to no avail. With the fly spray and tack band, I might get a ride in

  152. Fly Armor Tack Band! I want to try that so bad! I’ve heard so much about them, so PICK ME! ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. I’d be most excited to try the Fly Armour tack bands!! My horse and I would be very appreciative!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. I would be most excited to try Centaura Fly Spray for Horse & Rider by Farnam because my horse is an absolute diva when it comes to flies. He has been pampered his entire life and cannot even enjoy going outside for a short while. He get so much anxiety when there is a fly on him. I’ve tried so many different fly sprays and would love to try Centaura spray to see if it works well. Most sprays are expensive and do not work.
    All of these products would be a huge help for my horse “Alvin” and I would be happy to recieve any of them!

  155. I am looking forward to trying the centaura fly spray and the armor tack. The other fly sprays do not even seem to bother the flys. And i use all different ones so the flies do not get use to one. Looking forward to see if these make a different and bring the horses relief.

  156. Fly spray! Without it, I would be in serious trouble! My horse is insanely allergic to all bugs (flies, gnats, etc.) and breaks out in major hives almost on a daily basis. Fliy sprays help a lot, but it surely adds up to be a lot of money for me every summer…:(

  157. I’m extremely excited about the Centaura Fly spray for horse and rider! I hate when I forget my own bug repellent and get annoyed by bugs the whole time at the barn! This makes it way easier! Plus my husband just got a 17hh Belgian and that will be a lot of horse to cover, so we’ll need plenty of fly spray for long trail rides!

  158. Centuara Fly Spray for Horse & Rider because I would get the most use out of this, 1 for me, 1 for my horse. Never tried Centuara and am always looking for a fly repellent that actually works!!!!!

  159. I’d love to win the fly armor. My QH mare is so sensitive to bugs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  160. Wow! I like it ALL! However if I had to choose I would pick the bands because I am always anxious to try something new. I use fly spray on me and on my gelding Rio and man-o-man the flies are out there! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest ๐Ÿ™‚ We love BIG D’s!

  161. Centaura Fly Spray for Hose & Rider by Farnam is what I’d like to try- hearing good things about this stuff!

  162. I been using the Trap N Toss for years and they work great. I have been looking at the Fly Armor bands for the horses and have been thinking about trying them. I’d love to try before buy if I win. Thanks for offering this contest.

  163. Will try anything to protect my 26 year old purebred Arabian in his final years. My fly mask is about worn out, need to try another and even thee Centaura Fly spray for horse and rider. We’re both too old to suffer from infernal insectsa. This year has been terrible for large black horse flies the the smaller green biting ones.

  164. I have never used the tack bands before and would be interested in giving those a try.

  165. Alread using fly spray on an everyother day basis. Works good but always looking for comparable product for less money or at least something that works longer than 2 days. Fly masks are great and have used them but I like to see my horses eyes so I know what they are up to. Love the band idea. Haven’t tried that but would be willing. I’m using the milk jug things for flys but like the ones you have advertised. I just ordered and started using the fly preditors so hopefully with the combination of products — no more flys. They seem to be especially bad in the morning around the feed corner and nightly poo.

  166. I’d like to try the trap and toss. I think it’ll be better than always using chemical on the horse.

  167. I am most excited about the tack bands because I keep seeing them when I’m in the store but they are never in my budget for the trip (the only way I can stop myself for spending too much lol). I would love to try them!!!

  168. I would be very excited for the fly spray as well as armour tack. Maine has a lot of ticks and mosquitoes this year with the lack of snow this winter and a rainy start to the spring. There has been an increase in both flies and ticks as well as an increase in rabies in the state this year. I love to keepy my horses protected

  169. I use the Centuara fly spry and it works great on my horses and dogs. Our donkey rolls off any fly spray you put on him but he leaves Centuara along. To help with our fight against flys this summer use the flymask they work great and our horses like them.

  170. Congratulations Shawna Pruitt! You are the Winner of our Big Dee’s Beat the Bugs Contest! Please email your shipping information to Julie (! We’ll get your prize package mailed out to you shortly. Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest!

  171. Would like to try the tack bands. With all the storms we are having, the flies are really a nuisance. They look as though they would be a helpful addition to fly spray and not get into the horse’s eyes.

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