Big Dee’s Wants You to Show Your Ariat Team Spirit!

Who has Olympic Fever? I do! I do! Actually, everyone at Big Dee’s does, which is why we’ve decided to dedicate this week to USA spirit. Thanks to a generous donation from our friends over at Ariat International, we’re starting off with a Team Ariat contest, which will feature a polo shirt with the Ariat team logo and a pair of Ladies Performer Euro Seat Breeches! That’s a prize package valued at over $174.00! One lucky winner will be showing her team spirit from head to toe.

The Prize Package:

Ariat Performer Euro Seat Breeches

These versatile Performer Euro Seat Breeches by Ariat are designed for performance and schooling. The nylon cotton-twill blend has four-way stretch for a dynamic fit. Ariat’s patented V3ยฎ technology provides a comfortable fit at the waist, and the Core Control fit technology offers a secure, supportive, streamlined fit during active riding. Calf Fit System supports the lower leg and eliminates bulking and irritation under tall boots. Traditional side-zip entry. Synthetic suede knee patch, mid-rise fit. Performer breeches are Bluesign-certified to meet the highest environmental standards

Ariat Team Logo Polo Shirt

This classic navy polo by Ariat features a contrast rib knit collar and cuff with bold Ariat logo across chest. Great polo for riding or casual wear.

Contest Rules:

The rules are easy… You just need to comment on this contest, telling us why you would like to show Team Ariat spirit! On 08/10/12 at 8:00 AM, we’ll pick one random winner to win the ENTIRE PRIZE PACKAGE!

No Purchase Necessary. Random Winner chosen on 08/12/12 at 8:00 AM. Must have a valid US Address to participate.

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113 thoughts on “Big Dee’s Wants You to Show Your Ariat Team Spirit!”

  1. Who wouldn’t want to be Team Ariat!! I already have the paddock boots that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday. and I have been looking for a new pair of breeches!! teehee!!! Go team Ariat and especially Team USA!!! yeeeehaaaawwww!!!

  2. I would like this outfit because it is very stylish, I have seen riders with the Ariat polo before and it looks very classy,stylish, and comfortable. I am big on riding polos! I have tried on this type of Ariat breeches before and they are very very comfortable! I would love to have this outfit to ride in ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Ariat!

  3. I love wearing my Ariat apparel especially if it supports our USA olympic equestrian team!! Still love wearing my Ariat 2010 WEG shirt!!!

  4. I would love to show Team Ariat spirit, because I am “Proud to be an American”, and because I think our sport needs all the exposure it cant get!! Also, because I had a baby recently, and my current breeches do not fit, LOL! Oh, and also because I LOVE BIG Dee’s!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I am proud to be an American!!! I would wear it all the time! I would love to win this!!

  6. Any way to support team USA is awesome, and do it in horsey fashion is even cooler!!!

  7. When you want to ride like an USA Olympian, you have to dress in the best and buy from the best!

  8. I love Ariat products and would love to be a supporter of Ariat and also show support of the USA

  9. I’d love to support our team by wearing our colors! Supporting the team isn’t a thing you do just in the Olympic years but every year. It take tremendous effort, skill and backing to be successful.

    Ride On, Team USA!!

  10. I would love to show MORE Ariat spirit. I already have the paddock boots and half chaps. A beautiful red, white, and blue polo and breeches will complete my outfit!

  11. I would love to win and show team Ariat spirit because Ariat has the best stuff hands down!

  12. I would love to win – Ariat makes the BEST products – I will not wear a pair of field boots or paddock boots of any other brand, the breeches are my favorites and I love the Team USA polo shirt – it would be great on me (and with my horse) in the jumper ring!

  13. I am a huge fan of Ariat. Ariat Terrain boots are the only style I ever wear and I always have a spare pair handy. I sing their praises to everyone. My new Ariat half chaps are also the best pair I have ever owned. Love their products!

  14. I have a grey and what goes better with that than red and blue! Would love the USA look!

  15. I love Ariat products! I started out with their boots a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since! They make good quality products that are hardy and long-lasting. Go Team Ariat!!!!!!!

  16. What better way to start off the 2012 olympics with a great prize package from Ariat!!! I would proudly and with great honor wear the team Ariat apperal not only to support our riders at the games but show my love for my country. GO USA !! Bring home the GOLD !!! Thanks Ariat for showing your support to our riders throughout the years! Good luck to all.

  17. I love this outfit and am so excited for the Olympics! I love team USA and team Ariat! Would love to sport this outfit to support both!

  18. What better way to show support for our country, (GO USA!!), everyday, and for the Olympics, then Ariat and this wonderful outfit! I would love to be showing this off at the next show and even the shirt for everyday wear!!

  19. What a fun contest supporting both Ariat and Big D’s. I would love to sport the Ariat outfit at some of the schooling shows we take my boys to. My gray sports a red OTTB pad and we sure would look nice all color coordinated, LOL.

  20. I can’t get enough patriotic gear. My birthday is 9/11 which is now Patriot Day. I already have the Ariat Red/White/Blue FatBaby boots. Anything Ariat is for me….Go Team USA!

  21. Fine craftsmanship and exceptional quality just a few words to describe Ariat products. I have just thrown out my polo i used it hard at the barn and shows and even used it for going out it was dressy enough for dressing up yet casual enough for everyday use also. I am starting this year in jumping. I have always wanted to jump but just was not able to find the right instructor. She has me signed up for a show first week in september and i need to get some breeches and these would be perfect. Thanks for the oppurtunity to go in style and best of luck to TEAM USA happy trails

  22. I’m an Ariat junkie! What better way to support team usa than with this new outfit! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. What a way to show your support for the USA! I already have Ariat stuff, would love to add to the collection!

  24. I compete in the Florida police/fire olympics Mounted Police Competition each June and local police competitions year round. I would love to wear Team Ariat clothing. The clothing looks sharp and comfortable. Ariat boots saved my foot during a rough accident. I will only wear Ariats when I ride!

  25. Well I only wear Ariat paddock boots, they are the only ones that fit me properly. But I would like to win the shirt and breeches to give as prizes for our Saddle Up for St. Jude benefit trail ride in January. We like to give quality prizes to all who come out and ride and donate to St. Jude.

  26. I love Ariat and can always use more riding clothes. The polo is great but does it fit “chesty” girls? Lol so many do not.

  27. I would love to win this contest for a few different reasons. First of all I would love to support team USA in this amazing ariat polo. I love the ariat line. I could really use some new breeches, my current show pair is starting to get holes in the seat and we all know how embarrassing it would be if those holes were. To get bigger during a show and having your underwear show ๐Ÿ™ Im excited for this contest cant waot to see the results. Thank you for this opportunity!! Good luck everyone!

  28. This is a Beautiful outfit Ariat has made supporting the US team!!! I would love to show my support wearing this !!!

  29. This is awesome! Love, love,love the Ariat line of clothing and would love to finally own some. Also, would love to have something to support team USA in the equestrain game sod these Olympics!! <3 <3

  30. Go team USA!!!! Wearing the Red, White & Blue is a great way to show our support of this wonderful country we live in. Support the freedom that we have living here.

  31. Arait has great clothes and foot gear!!! And they are good at supporting the riding sport. I would like to try their polo and breaches!

  32. After serving in the Army, any time I can show support for our troops or equestrian friends I would be more than happy to do so. Count me in for team Ariat! Go USA!

  33. I think it would be really neat to have one of the Ariat team shirts and a new pair of breeches! I’d love to win :))

  34. What a great way to show USA spirit right after the Youth World Cup and right before the AQHA World Show.

  35. As a young horse owning professional, most of my paycheck goes to caring for my 16-year-old rescued OTTB. He’s my once in a lifetime horse and I’d do anything for him…including riding in less-than-fashionable attire. I’d love to represent Team USA at the competitions we’ll be attending this summer and fall, and I’d love for Dorado to be as proud of my appearance as I am of him!

  36. Team USA!!! Team Ariat!!! I love Ariat and would love to wear these pants to the barn, and the breeches as well as my Ariat tall boots– An Ariat package!! More importantly, I’d wear them in public and will stand proud for the USA/Ariat spirit as well as being a proud Equestrian.. No matter how many crazy looks I get. Lol. I would love to win. Go USA!!!

  37. I proudly support the red, white, and blue and I’m wearing one of my pairs of Ariat boots or shoes when I’m doing it. Thanks to Ariat and Big Dee for this great contest.

  38. Ariat has some of the best quality products that I have tried. In fact, I always choose Ariat first. I love, love, love, my Ariat Lowland boots.

  39. Go USA! I’m proud to be an American. Thank you Ariat and Big Dee for your patriotism.

  40. I would love to win these, I’ve never had the chance to own a pair of higher end riding apparel because of the cost. I would love to be able to show my team spirit for both Ariat and Team USA!

  41. This is a sharp looking outfit! Would be great to win it and give it to my grandaughter who loves big D’s and needs new breeches and would be totally proud to wear USA’s colors as she is so into the Olympics – especially the equestrian sports.

  42. I would love to show Team Ariat spirit and support Team USA too! I love my Ariat tall boots and I would look so patriotic with my Ariat polo and the American flag saddle pad I just got! Go Team USA!!!

  43. I support team ariat, because my goal is to compete in grand prix one day. Go USA! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. I took my daughter to visit her idol, Beezie Madden, earlier this spring. It has further strengthened her desire to compete and do her best. She could certainly do better and have more show confidence if she is equipped with this wonderful ARIAT gear!

  45. As a Virginia Tech graduate I’m familiar with intense team spirit. Whenever the Olymics come on I can’t help but turn my intense fan love from Virginia Tech to team USA. Breezie Madden has always been an idol of mine and to be able to watch her again in the Olymics is such a treat! Normally I wear Virginia Tech tee shirts everyday but during the Olymics I try to wear team USA gear. I would LOVE to be able to wear Olymic gear more often to show my team USA pride. Go team USA!!!!

  46. This is a great professional looking outfit! I would love to wear it as I teach my students and ride myself!

  47. I ride an all American breed, an Appaloosa. I wear Ariat Terrain H2Os & their winter paddock boots and prefer them to any other footwear. I’ve been watching the Olympics as long as they’ve been televised and am now thrilled with the expanded coverage of the equestrian events online. I am retired and know the importance of obtaining quality gear in order to enjoy my many horse activities comfortably and safely. It saves money in the long run. Most importantly, I am so grateful to live in the USA, which that has afforded me the opportunity to pursue my dream of finding my horse partner at the age of 54.

  48. I love that Ariat products incorporate innovative design and comfort features for riders.

  49. Come on now, don’t we all want to close our eyes and dream just a little? Who wouldn’t want to pretend that they were part of the Olympics when riding in these clothes…

  50. Proud to be American and always proud to support our USA Olympuc team! What a great outfit from Ariat! Just getting back into the horsey world and would love to sport the new outfit! Love Big D’s they have everything I need to get back in the saddle.

  51. What a great way to support Team USA and look great while doing so thanks to Ariat!! And I sure could use another pair of breeches since the zipper broke on mine… Opps!

  52. Ariat is where it’s at! Olympic, riding, work and pleasure any time. Support team USA they work so hard to be there for us thanks for your support and letting everyone show support also. I’m proud to have horses and love my sport there is a lot of USA in all of us

  53. Just getting back into riding after a fairly long hiatus, and this outfit would go a long way toward getting me ready for my first school shows in decades!

  54. GO AMERICA!! Always love to show American spirit and this would be perfect! Team USA!!

  55. Love the brand! GO TEAM USA! Why not enter to win a perfect match of the two! ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. I LOVE Ariat! It would be fantastic if I won this spectacular prize so I could show my spirit. Go Team Ariat!!!!!!

  57. I would love to show my Ariat team spirit by wearing those wonderful clothes when I ride my OTTB mare.

  58. Love the outfit, would go very nice with the new Fat Baby boots I just bought. Proud to be an American Equestrian and support our Olympic Equestrian Team. This would be the perfect outfit to show my support.

  59. Ariat products are fashionable, practical, and wear very well. I love Ariat and would also like to win for the team!

  60. I would love this for my daughter. Her attire and her horse’s would match. She outfits her horse in red, white, and blue for all her competitions.

  61. I am so proud to be an american! We have such an amazing and beautiful country!!

    I’d love to support Ariat and my country by wearing this outfit while riding on my all american quarter horse!!

  62. I have been in love with Ariat products since the start of my riding 25 years ago! Boy am I dating myself ๐Ÿ™‚ The prices are great and the quality excelent.

    O – and I am an Olympic fanantic so I have to get back to watching right now!

  63. Ariat has a superior line in all aspects of riding and boot products. They last forever! If you look at my closet you will find their products. I am a natural Team Spirit kinda girl because red and blue have always been my favorite colors. That too is evidenced by looking in my wardrobe closet. The items I could win would be a wonderful addition and allow me to further support “in wardrobe and in spirit” our wonderful Olympic team! Go USA!!!

  64. I love all of my ariat boots! They are comfortable and last forever. I would love to try some of the clothing. Go team Ariat!

  65. I love the entire Ariat line of clothing and boots! I would love to show support for Team USA in such stylish fashion, but will support them no matter what I wear!

  66. I would love to be able to support Team USA! I show horses every weekend and would wear this for my polo. Team USA is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. I love wearing anything Ariat because their products are soooo comfortable. And sporting the red, white and blue is the only thing that could make it better!

  68. I love all my Ariat products and frankly, I have quite a few ๐Ÿ™‚ My volant boots are a must have! Cool contest, love the idea!

  69. Love Ariat products would love to own this beautiful shirt. Go red white &blue

  70. What a great prize! I love the Olympics and would be proud to sport such nice polo and breeches!

  71. What a great way to show support for the Olympic teams and my favorite brand of boots – Ariat, of course. Go USA and Go Ariat ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. I would like to show team Ariat Spirit because I want to show off my patriotism doing something I love! Also, ariat attire is so comfortable and I always get complimented on the small amount of other Ariat clothes I own. (Im in school and dont have the money to buy a bunch of fancy riding clothes.)Either way Id love to show this outfit off! ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. A lot of people at my barn have the same Ariat shirt and I would love to have it too. I have an Ariat hat that I wear to every horse show and the shirt would look awesome with it! not to mention those great riding pants! Good Luck everyone! Thanks Ariat

  74. I love Big Dee’s !! I love Ariat !!! AND I love the USA !!! What a wonderful way to support our teams !!! Go USA, Ariat and Big Dee’s !!!!

  75. Ariat is the best maker of all horsey wear. They’re products are extremely comfortable and last forever! Team Ariat Forever! Also, I need new show breaches. My current pair came from a thrift store and they’re wearing out. Go Team USA!!!!

  76. Who wouldn’t want Ariat clothes which are so comfortable for riding, and the colors are great. Especially when you become an Olympic junky for those few weeks.

  77. I have been riding for four years I love horse I’d wear that shirt every day I watch the Olympics every day.I only have one pair of breeches and I would love to have an extra pair those cloths are so amazing I’d love to have them

  78. What an awesome Big Dee contest and who doesn’t love Ariat breeches, boots….Ariat everything!!! Go Team USA!

  79. Dream it, dress it, be it! My life goal is to be the first Olympic rider to compete in both dressage and reining on the same homebred American Quarter Horse, rockin’ Ariat all the way! <3

  80. Wearing Team Ariat apparel would inspire me to ride like an Olympic champion, even when I’m just checking the fence lines on my Haflinger pony!

  81. Wearing cloths like that I would do my best to make my dreams of riding in the Olympics come true they would inspire me to do the best I can I love horses I would love to have a new pair of breeches I only have one pair They always say dress for success I would where the shirt every day and the breeches are the best brand arait I have their boots and I love them.i love the olympics I watch them every day I’d love to ride in the Olympics it’s my biggest dream.

  82. Whenever I buy new apparel for riding, I buy Ariat. They just simply make some of the best products out there for riders. While I am long past my days of having an olympic dream…I will never be too old to wear and love Ariat products!!
    Loving the 2012 Olympic equestrian competition!

  83. Im a huge fan of Ariat products and would be proud to wear this outfit and show my team spirit! Although everything didnt go that great for Team USA, I am so proud of their grace under pressure and the great job they have all done representing our country in London!

  84. What can I say, Ariat & Big Dee are a “Super Team”! Ariat’s products are all dynamic with their patented technology for comfort, fit, style and durability. I would be proud to show my Ariat USA team spirit by sporting this fabulous outfit. Big Dee has so many affordable equine products, this team is a match made in horse heaven!!

    Congratulations to all the Olympic riders, especially “Team Germany” who brought home the GOLD.

  85. What a great contest! I love Ariat breeches and the polo looks great. I already own Ariat boots and love their products.

  86. teehee, I am very persistent!! I would love to win and represent Team Ariat not only in my heart, but in the ring too! Yeppie!!!

  87. Congratulations Rae Lynn Bergman! You are our contest winner! Please email your shipping information and sizes to Julie(

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