Employee Review of Back On Track Mesh Sheet

Most, if not all of our employees here at Big Dee’s are true horse-people. Meaning they have owned, worked with, and/or show/shown horses. Many have been involved in the horse industry for numerous years. Within that knowledge, we’ve all had personal experiences with horse related products. We know what products really work and we want to share our experiences with our customers!

Big Dee’s Marketing Assistant & Customer Service Rep, Jen Ahwash, says her favorite products would have to be anything made by Back on Track.

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7862C – Ceramic Mesh Sheet by Back on Track

“My Irish Draught/Arabian mare has always been fairly tense and nervous.  She was always the horse that spooked at everything and carried a lot of tension in her whole body so when we warmed up, especially at shows, it took me a long time to get her to relax and move more freely.  I mainly do eventing so a long warm up before dressage is not a good thing when you either have cross country or stadium to do later in the day. I bought the Back On Track mesh sheet and started using it and gradually built up the time she was wearing it.

It made a huge difference and cut our warm up time in half! I could trailer her in it, leave it on her overnight, or put it on her while I braided her.  She would start out so much more relaxed and looser through her body.  It made such a difference that I bought the t-shirt for myself.  We went from having good tests to having great tests with a lot of low scores. Our jumping improved because she was more relaxed and able to use her body and become much more adjustable.  The price is well worth it because you can use it for years and years and use it on other horses as well.”