Equi Resp Nebulizer

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to learn about the Equi-Resp from Tonda Collins, the owner of the company.  I was thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfulness that went into the design of this nebulizer.  The unit has multiple fans to help keep the motor free of dust and ensure a long lifetime of use.  It seemed easy to use, with only a few parts: a motor, a mask, and the tubing and cup. 

Perhaps, most importantly, it had clinical data behind it in the form of a nuclear scintigraphy study performed by Rood & Riddle.  The results of the nuclear scintigraphy procedure proved that this machine, when used at the proper psi, would effectively deliver medication to the horse’s lungs and respiratory system.  Therefore, I felt confident that the Equi-Resp would be a fantastic neb unit at a very reasonable price for our thoroughbred and standardbred race horse customers, and maybe some serious barrel racers as well.

A Cure For Chronic Sinus Problems?

Turns out, I was not wrong about that, but I completely underestimated the usefulness of this machine for every horse in every discipline.  One of my horses has been struggling with a chronic sinus issue.  His right nostril was draining constantly.  Faced with the prospect of taking the horse for a sinus scope and possible flap surgery costing thousands of dollars, I decided that I would first try the Equi-Resp. 

Equi Resp Nebulizer Complete

Above all, I have been thrilled with the results!  As a result of using the Equi Resp, the horse drained and drained.  My wife and I used the unit on him twice a day.  We found it extremely easy to use and disinfect after use.  Currently, we are down to using the Equi-Resp on him once to twice per week, and he is doing much better.  We plan on continuing to use it on this horse one to two times per week for the foreseeable future.

A Nebulizer For Any Horse

My wife and I decided to try it on other horses.  If a horse was coughing, out came the Equi-Resp.  What I found most surprising was that the horses enjoyed it.  I had envisioned a crazy-eyed horse rearing and backing up the moment I turned it on – maybe even running down the barn aisle with the machine flailing about behind it.  So far, every horse we have put the neb unit on has just relaxed into it and stood quietly.  Every single one.  This includes an Arabian weanling.

EquiSilver Respiratory Solution 16 oz

During show season, we have decided it would be a really good idea to use the Equi-Resp at the show, especially shows that last more than a few days, and on horses returning from the show.  The chelated silver solution will knock out any bugs the horse may have picked up while traveling or from a barn mate down the aisle.  It does not matter what discipline you are showing in, this machine will help keep your horse healthy, and improve performance.

Respiratory ailments are very common during the winter months.  I know that I do my best to keep my barn as warm as possible.  However, that also means there are more contaminants in the air since my barn doors are closed.  Regular use of the Equi-Resp will help ward off those infections and keep your horse’s airways clear and clean. 

If you have a horse that has allergies, COPD, Roaring, Heaves, etc., try the Equi-Resp.  This includes the motor, with two internal fans, two medicine cup and tubing sets, the mask (which is flexible and will not break if dropped – I know), a bottle of Pure (cleaner), and a bottle of Equi Silver nebulizer solution.  Replacement cups and tubing are sold in sets of two.  If you have been on the fence about purchasing one of these machines, I would encourage you to make the investment.  My horses and I are glad I did!

Written by Grant R, one of our Showroom Managers.

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