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The Fledgling Foxhunter’s Gift Guide

With a busy shopping week ahead, I thought I would share out some great gift giving ideas for foxhunting enthusiasts just in time for the sales to start over at There are many items essential to foxhunting that can be really quite difficult to acquire. More specifically, specialty appointments such as vintage stag handled hunting whips, tweed hacking jackets, sandwich cases and flasks. It takes time and skill to find these in good condition. However, time is of the essence and the gift still has to be great. Don’t despair, I’ve put together a hand picked selection of ready to ship items that are sure to be used and appreciated.  A gift guide fill of ideas that will actually contribute to the enjoyment of life before, during and after the hunt.  Shop the Entire Collection Now or read on!

 While shopping for your new or fellow foxhunter keep in mind that even though the origins of foxhunting can be traced back as far as the 15th century and modern foxhunting took shape in the 19th century, here in the 21st century, foxhunters still align strongly with tradition and as such, it is best to err on the side of conservative when selecting items for a proper turnout.

Great gifts for the rider:

Formal Foxhunting Turnout
The Fledgling Foxhunter – Formal Turnout

Stock Ties –  For formal season white is the way to go, but even white can be well played; look for tone on tone designs in luxurious satin, linen, pique, and brocades. Since the stock tie can be used as a bandage or rigged as a splint in the event of an emergency you should always go for the untied (aka self-tie) option.  Shop Now

We are currently offering a basic white self-tie stock tie, however stay tuned for some special announcements in time for the 2017 cubbing season.

Finishing Tough Stock Tie Pins
Just a few of the many stock tie pins we have available from The Finishing Touch

Stock Tie Pins – Traditionally a plain gold colored stock tie pin is preferred. Men’s pins measure 3″, ladies measure 2 1/2″. Having a pin with a horseshoe, fox mask or other small, subtle adornment is also acceptable.
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Dress Boots and Field Boots
Dress boots and Field boots available off the shelf in black or brown.

Riding Boots – Black Dress style tall boots (without front laces) are preferred for formal season. Brown tall boots with or without front laces are ideal for cubbing/ratcatcher attire. This is one of those gifts that are best handled with a gift certificate, since special fitting is almost always required. Hardy off the shelf boots are going to start in the $250.00 range. Custom made Dehner or DeNiro boots will typically start at double that, and go up depending on the options added by the rider such as zippers, mahogany or patents cuffs or elasticated gussets. The bonus to custom boots is that with proper selection and care, they will be able to hold up to the rigors of hunting while being perfectly fitted to the riders needs. The great news is, is that Big Dee’s not only has a great selection of off the shelf tall boots for both men and women in stock, but a professionally trained staff to aid in fitting or to help turn your custom boot dreams into reality! Shop Now

Country Boots
A nice selection of Country boots to take you from ‘load and go’ to post hunt nibbles!

Country Boots – Lets face it, hunt mornings just would not be the same without them. No other boot offers comfort and style all while keeping your feet dry on your morning rounds! The best part, with a quick clean up, they are ready to take you into town! Shop Now

Charles Owen AYR8
Charles Owen AYR8 – Available in stock in black or navy microfiber finish and by special order in leather-look finish.

Helmet – Traditionally a velvet helmet is the standard, however many hunts are accepting of the more modern styles such as the Charles Owen AYR8 or JR8, One K Defender, GPA Classic 2X, GPA EVO or Kask Dogma. When choosing a helmet for hunting look for an one that is, ASTM certified, comfortable and relatively easy to clean and maintain. Custom designs and Special Order Helmets are also available by Charles Owen, for those looking for classic velvet or a special individualized style. Since style and fitting varies with the persons individual taste, a gift certificate may be the best way to go with this choice of gifts.
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Saddle Pads – a new Medallion fleece shaped pad is a great choice, kick it up a notch and gift the genuine sheepskin Fleeceworks pad or the Europa shearling pad by Ovation for that really special horse or rider! Shop Now

Fitted Fleece Saddle Pads
Fleece Fitted Saddle Pads from Toklat, Fleeceworks and Ovation.


A variety of blankets – reward your field hunter with blankets and sheets to keep him clean in the trailer, warm on the ride home, and dry during turnout. Here are some of my favorites:

Honeycomb Sheet – perfect for warm weather hunting, just toss it over your tacked up horse prior to the trailer ride to the days meet to will keep him and your tack clean and tidy.

Fleece Coolers – A great choice for those frigid post-season mornings, a high neck or fitted fleece cooler is great alone or as an extra layer to keep your horse warm on the ride home after hunting. Step it up and add a monogram with you or your hunts initials!

Fox Print Blankets – Perfect for when the season turns cold the Weatherbeeta Comfi-tec blankets feature a preppy fox print for your favorite field hunter or pony!

Horse Cookie Stocking Stuffers
Holiday theme horse cookies make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

Horse cookies – Reward your fieldhunter for getting you back to the trailer unscathed with his favorite horse cookies. Paladin’s favorites include most anything with molasses and peppermint, check out the German Minty Muffins.  Horse treats make great stocking stuffers for your favorite huntsman, whippers in, masters and staff, be sure to check out the Mrs. Pastures stockings and Stud Muffins Candy Canes for festive options!   Shop Now



For the Home and Stocking Stuffers

Most anything with a #sportinglife theme (think foxes, hounds, stags, hares, tweed, traditional Baker plaid and leather) is likely to be appreciated by the foxhunting aficionado. If you are lucky enough to live locally to our Northeast Ohio retail store, it is truly a destination worthy of a special trip to visit. In addition to nearly everything you need for horse and farm, our shop offers a unique hand-picked selection of foxhunting dinnerware and equestrian themed service wear beyond that which is shown on our website. Choose from fine leather handbags, horse themed purses, digital accessories and luggage. Footwear, apparel and jewelry for both in and out of the saddle by brand names including Joules, Noel Asmar, Arista, 5/A Baker and More! If you are looking for something special and cannot find it on our website feel free to give us a call 1-800-321-2142 and we will be happy to help you out. We hope to see you soon, and if you do stop in, be sure to say “hi!” I enjoy meeting fellow foxhunters and friends!

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