Formula 707 Simplifies their Product Line!

We are really excited here at Big Dee’s Tack and Vet Supply that Formula 707 has made a huge effort to make their product easier to administer to horses! I am sure barn owners and boarders alike can attest to the challenges of setting up their supplement routine for their horses. Formula 707 has introduced Fresh Packs! Their supplements are now available in pre-packaged servings to make traveling to events easier and making sure that feeding routines are simplified. What else makes these Fresh Packs great, you ask? Well, for one- these fresh packs insure just that, your supplement stays fresh! We all know how it is when you get half-way through a supplement and it’s hardened or changed consistency. It’s money right out the window. Another great aspect of this product is you know that you are giving the right amount needed for your horse, and they are extremely convenient to use. Also, they are affordable!

For me, I find the Fresh Packs extremely desirable.  First reason being, I know that my horse is getting the correct serving based on these pre-measured packets. Secondly, I know that when I head to shows, I don’t have have to find containers to ration the servings out or drag the whole tub with me. I can also imagine for those that are responsible for feeding horses at a large barn will enjoy the amount time that is reduced by using these new Fresh Packs!

Lets get into the actual products by Formula 707 that are available at Big Dee’s Tack and Vet Supply!

First up, and probably the most important in  most minds is Ulzerless!

Ulzerless currently retails at $44.96 for a 28 day supply, and for orders over $70.00, this item ships free! This supplement helps horses digest and reduce the acidic erosion of the stomach lining. A supplement like Ulzerless is great for horses that are traveling, showing, or in training. We just had a great Facebook Live Event with Dr. Keckler about EGUS! Check out the video below if you would like more information on ulcers in horses!

Formula 707 also has Fresh Packs in their Calming supplement.

Their calming supplement currently retails at $35.96 for a 28 day supply and ships free on orders over $70.00. This product is great for horses with anxiety, exhibit muscle tremors, need help focusing, and utilizes Thiamine and Magnesium oxide to offset these incidences. For those of us with spirited horses that are easily distracted and get worried in new situations, this is a great product to consider! Especially because it is so easy to take with you!

Formula 707 also makes a Hoof Health Supplement. This supplement is a 56 day supply for currently only $37.96. This product also ships free on orders over $70.00. This product is packed with vitamins & minerals, amino acids, and the protein needed to insure you are growing a nice hoof on your horse. For those that have brittle and cracked hooves, this is great product to give a shot!

For the affordability, you can’t go wrong with this supplement! It is definitely worth a try, and available here. 

Saving the best for last is our biggest seller for the Formula 707 line, Daily Essentials. Daily Essentials is an alfalfa based pellet that works to improve the overall condition and performance of your horse. This is a tried and true product that is a staple in a lot race barns. Filled with all of the vitamins and minerals horses needs, you can’t help but see their bodies reflect their improved soundness and health. Daily Essentials is currently available for $33.96 for a 56 day supply! And qualifying for free shipping on orders over $70.00, you just can’t beat it!

I hope you are able to enjoy the new Fresh Packs as much as I will! I am positive barn managers everywhere will be appreciative of the convenience the Fresh Packs provide for a boarding or training facility!

Please note, prices are subject to change*

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