Horse Health Series With Dr. Corey Paradine


We are very pleased to bring to our readers a blog series from Dr. Corey Paradine, a local veterinarian here in northeast Ohio. Over the next few months, she will touch upon some important equine health issues and is here to provide you with some general advice on how to keep your horse(s) healthy. If there is a specific topic you would like her to discuss, you can email it to me,, and I will pass your ideas along to Dr. Corey OR you can place it in the comment section of this blog.

So please help welcome Dr. Corey Paradine:

Hello everyone. I’m using the first post as an introduction, to give you a little background about me and my thoughts and plans for this blog. My name is Dr. Corey Paradine, and I am an associate veterinarian at Cleveland Equine Clinic. I graduated from Michigan State University (not to be confused with that other school in Michigan!) where I completed both my undergraduate degree as well as my doctorate in veterinary medicine. My interests include internal medicine, reproduction, and lameness. I do not practice any dentistry, so if there is a strong push for a post regarding dental health in the horse, I will likely outsource that article.

So here’s the disclaimer – My goal for this blog is to help educate the horse community in a variety of medical issues relating to horses. Due to the nature of a blog, my posts will be fairly generalized as each horse is different and each case can be different. These posts are to be educational and are not an attempt to diagnose or treat any specific horse. If you have questions regarding your horse, I strongly encourage you to contact your veterinarian as they will be able to take your horses’ individual medical history and circumstances into account. I will read responses to the blog on a regular basis but I will not be able to answer questions directly. I am happy however to consider suggestions/requests for topics.

So a little about me….southern Michigan is where I grew up and started riding when I was a kid. I spent my high school and early college years working for a Morgan show barn as well as showing my breeding stock paint gelding at various open shows. I can’t say that I was one of those people who have always known that they wanted to be a vet – I didn’t figure that out till I was half way through undergrad and spent a few days shadowing a local equine vet.  Intent on practicing equine medicine, I went through vet school and came across the job at Cleveland Equine Clinic almost by chance. I have now been at CEC for four and a half years and am honored to work in such a great practice. In my free time (haha) I enjoy riding and showing my OTTB, downhill skiing, and traveling.

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