SnowRidge Heavyweight Waterproof Turnout Blanket

SnowRidge Heavyweight Waterproof Turnout Blanket

Winter weather is upon us. If you are like me you want you horse to stay warm and dry! This turnout blanket is perfect for the cold weather!

Let’s start with the basic outercovering on turnout blankets…

There are different outercovers that you can get in a turnout blanket. While researching you’ll start to notice the word Denier popping up. Denier is the measurement yarn. 1 denier = a single strand of silk (1 denier = 1 gram per 9000 meters). The material is tougher as the denier gets higher!

The SnowRidge Heavyweight Turnout Blanket is made of a 1200 Denier nylon outercover. Heavyweight 300 grams high grade polyfill insulation. It has a 210D nylon lining which will help keep your horses hair smooth and shiny!

Lots of features:

  • Fleece wither protection
  • Shoulder gussets
  • 2 buckle open front
  • Bias surcingles
  • Adjustable/detachable elastic leg straps
  • Tail flap


The SnowRidge has reinforced stitching and no back seam so the water stays out!

Two color options – Black or Blue. Sizes 60″, 64″, 68″- 86″

Watch the SnowRidge in action here!

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