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Mary’s Purchasing Picks 06/05/12

Mary’s Purchasing Picks

Hello Summer!

These are a few of my favorite things! (must-have items for the season)
Welcome to our Big Dee’s Blog! My name is Mary and I am the Purchasing Assistant here at Big Dee’s. I have been working here for five years come this fall—I must say we are very lucky folks that get to carry over our love of horses into every day work at the office! I got my first pony at the age of three (Shetland named LadyBug) and haven’t stopped since. Currently  I own three quarter horses. I love to compete in gaming classes, trail ride, and chase the occasional cow!

Micro-tek Medicated Spray

‘Tis the season! April showers bring May flowers–however, they also bring lots of mud! This is a great product to have on hand year-round, but especially great this time of year. It is excellent to spray on mud fever, rain rot, itchy spots, dry skin, and any other crud or irritation your horse can conjure up! I have used it on horses with mud fever, dry skin, and rub spot–and have seen noticeable results in a matter of a couple days. It is environmentally friendly, alcohol free, and non-toxic to boot. Give it a try—you’ll see why this is a top seller for us.

Quiet Ride Fly Mask

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the warmer weather! Unfortunately warm weather=fly season. Luckily our wonderful friends at Cashel have created the Quiet Ride Fly Mask for summer trail riding and hacking. Does your horse get agitated and toss his head while riding down the trail from those pesky flies? This mask will help! It is crafted from a sheer mesh that is lightweight, comfortable, and will not obstruct their vision. It attaches easily to your bridle and stays secure. We offer several versions to meet your specific needs—including long nose, ears, long nose/ears combination, or traditional mask with no ears. It’s easy to see why they are flying off our shelves!

Rubber Boots from Smoky Mountain

Now that we’ve got your horse covered…how about something for the human?? These boots are ready to take on rain, mud, and outdoor chores. If you must work hard outdoors, why not look great while doing so? These boots from Smoky Mountain have a stylish leopard print pattern. They also feature a durable tread and cotton sock lining to keep you comfortable. Smoky Mountain also offers several other similar rubber boots in fun prints.

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