Vetoquinol Flexadin Advanced UC-II

Joint Health with Vetoquinol Flexadin Advanced

Flexadin Advanced’s unique formula helps to promote healthy cartilage as well as maintaining the integrity of joint overall. It is one of the few on the market that I can say has made a difference in my horse’s health. If you have picky eater when it comes to powdered supplements, the banana flavoring of this product is quite palatable! It’s also another unique ingredient that sets this product apart from the competitors.

A key ingredient used in this joint supplement is brand collagen (chicken cartilage). Through research and scientific studies chicken cartilage has been a proven and safe effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.   It also aids in the progression of pre-existing arthritis within the joint. Any horse can benefit from joint care supplements. Whether a show horse, broodmare or mature aging horse – supporting joint health is a common concern with many horse owners.

Most Unusual Art “Sunday”

Over the years I have probably tried close to 20 different joint products on my horses. I have a retired Quarter Horse that I had shown on the Quarter Horse circuit in Hunter Under Saddle as well as Jumping. I have owned him for 18 years of his life.  When he was only 8 years old, he was involved in a serious jumping accident that led him to 8 months of stall rest, lots of stitches and a lot of TLC along the way. Since he had so much trauma caused to his hind legs during his accident, I have always kept him on some type of joint supplement or anti-inflammatory. His one hind leg has quite a bit of scar tissue in it, and I’ve always battled a bit of swelling in it when he is stalled.

(Most Unusual Art) “Sunday” back in his showing days

Since I put him on Flexadin Advanced  I have noticed a tremendous amount of improvement in his overall health. Flexadin Advanced is the only product that I feel has made him 100 % sound in his old age. I have noticed him running and playing more in the pasture then he used to. I know not all 25-year-old horses do that, so seeing this has really made me happy to see him feeling and moving so much better! He is not nearly as stiff as he once was.

Sunday now age 25 enjoying the retirement that he has earned with the help of Flexadin Advanced

Overall, I am very pleased with all this product has done for my horse. I will continue to use this on my boy for many years to come!

Written by Customer Service Associate, Sam