What’s In Your Grooming Tote?

Everyone has favorite grooming products, especially for colder days to make grooming and care easier. I have three levels of grooming fun (chaos) with my geldings every fall and spring. I have an older chestnut (easiest to keep clean), an older grey (who sleeps on his poop) and a young handsome bay pinto with four white legs that he somehow manages to keep clean.

Favorite Topical Supplies


I have a few go-to products when the leaves start turning. Surprisingly, one of them is the dac Citronella Spray. With 40 degree mornings, one would assume the flies and gnats are gone, but by noon and the temperatures more in the 60’s, fly spray is still essential. I like the light scent and weight of this spray. It’s not strong enough to use on them in the humid summer, but it’s perfect as a light coat spray to keep the remaining insects away.

My absolute favorite product (magic in a bottle as I call it) is the E3 Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo. It’s perfect for spot cleaning (poop-napping grey horse), coat conditioning when full baths aren’t possible and keeps the skin and coat healthy without stripping away body oils. In fact – it adds shine and moisture to the coat and that helps to avoid static shock when changing turnout sheets.

A final product I like to use in the colder weather grooming is the Vetrolin Detangler gel. A very little amount goes a long way in keeping manes and tails free of tangles, dirt and briars. I also wrap tails when the wet season hits my area and this helps make the braiding and wrapping process easy.

Favorite Grooming Tools and Brushes


I always have a Tiger’s Tongue sponge in my grooming tote, around in the barn, in the bathing supply bucket – it’s that incredible! I start all grooming sessions with the Tiger’s Tongue to help break up dried mud and get the first wave of dirt removed. It’s gentle, easy to mold to whatever part of the body I’m working on and lasts a long time before needing replaced.

I am pretty biased when it comes to brushes – almost every other body brush in my grooming tote is a Haas Brush. I work out more dirt by using the Welsh Body Brush, followed by the Schmuseburste Body Brush. The last and arguably my favorite brush is the Diva Finishing Brush. It leaves the coat so silky soft. The most frequent question asked about this brush is “is it worth it”. And without a doubt, yes.

For brushing manes and tails after applying some detangler, I really prefer styles like the Oster Mane & Tail Brush. They are designed to prevent hair breakage and be as gentle as possible. I always hold the entire tail halfway down (under the tail bone) and start from the bottom up. This is the kindest way to work out tangles without pulling directly on the tail!

Barn must-haves

Medical and Special Use

Having medical supplies or just special case scenario items is always a good thing to keep on hand. One item I like to keep year-round is the Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash. My chestnut gelding gets weepy eyes in any climate – the bugs in the summer flair it up, the snow in winter causes discomfort.

I work with my vet and he is treated annually for sinus congestion along with prescribed ointment, but I can usually stop a flair up in it’s tracks if I flush his eyes as soon as I notice a slight change. It’s always good to have an eye wash ready for any horse!

The Vetoquinol Derma Gel is a new found favorite this year. I previously used a different product for bug bites near the sheath, legs and in ears. While I liked the results, it would wear off in a day or tangle up the ear fuzz. I tried Derma Gel on a whim and was blown away by the results. It creates a breathable barrier over the wound to allow it to heal, while accelerating tissue regeneration. I spray it over any and all wounds now – bug bites in ears, bite marks (gotta love those geldings), sheath protection and healing – the list goes on! It’s small size makes it easy to use in more sensitive areas or keep on the go.

The last on my list is the Horseshoers Secret Hoof Sealant. I use hoof conditioners all year, but I especially like the Hoof Sealant when used in moderation and effectively. It gets excessively muddy paddocks in the heavy rainfall months and I turn my horses out daily regardless of the weather. I use the sealant to help during those rain spurts to protect their hooves. It is a quick drying waterproof barrier that lasts several days. All three of my guys have come out of some really nasty months of moisture with nice feet – while it can be credited to several maintenance measures, the hoof sealant is a factor!

Written by Marketing Associate, Cassie